27 April 2010

Yea Jay and Libby!!

I am SO very excited! My niece Libby and her husband Jay just found out today that they are expecting a baby! (Good thing they aren't expecting a monkey, isn't it?? LOL)

Their picture is on my side bar. They've been married just under a year, but for the majority of that year, Jay was serving in Iraq as a member of the Reserves. He got home, safe and sound, on April 3rd (or was it the 2nd?? It was right before Easter.) They immediately began trying to get pregnant, and apparently, they did it right since he hasn't even been home a month. =) This was their plan, so I'm glad it worked the way they wanted it to.

Based on my expert opinion, Baby Morse should arrive early January, but Aunt Trina would be more than happy to share her birthday (Dec. 21) with this bundle of joy. I shared my birthday with my great-uncle, and I always thought it was so cool.

Congratulations Jay and Libby! I'm so excited for you!


Coffeypot said...

Leave it to the Army. Attack and conquer...victory all the way. OOOH RAH! Glad for them.


Woooo Hooooo...I am so excited for you. I would love to share my birthday with anyone....BUT...I just share mine with Income Tax Day...sigh!

I love my Crimson Tide!

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