01 June 2009

Leavin' It All Behind

People name their boats, their beach houses, their lake cabins...whatever. John and I have talked about "naming" our lake place, but we really never put thought into it. After this weekend, though, I'm thinking "Leavin' It All Behind" is a PERFECT name. :) When we go up there, we leave behind the bills that are waiting to be paid, our jobs, the laundry--all of those day-to-day chores that have to be done. We go to relax, even though there are plenty of chores to do there as well. "Leavin' It All Behind" came to me on the way home last night because practically everything we said we needed to remember got left behind.

I'm leaving Wednesday to go to the beach, so on Thursday, John plans to go to fish in a pond that somebody he works with owns. Before we left, he told me to help him remember to get a couple of fishing rods to bring home since all of our "good" ones are in Winston Co. We forgot to get them.

He drove the boat back around to Arrowhead to put it in dry storage since he won't be back up this coming weekend (unless something changes.) I met him, we hooked up the trailer, loaded the boat, stored it, and headed out. We were about to thirst to death (or so we thought LOL) so we stopped at DJs, a little service station about 5 miles from Arrowhead. He stayed in the truck with Ali and Bama while I went in to get drinks. When I got back in the truck, he asked if I knew where his glasses were. Nope, I hadn't seen them since he got in the boat. BACK to Arrowhead because he'd left them in the boat.

We stopped by Katy, Phillip, and Sam's on our way through Birmingham. Since it was supper time, we went by Jim and Nick's for some barbecue. John went out to the truck to get his blood glucose monitor so he could check his bs before we ate. He set it on the counter and told me not to let him forget it when we left. We had dinner and laughed at Sam's antics (he is a funny, funny kid!) We got our "kids" and headed for home. We'd been gone maybe 10 minutes when my phone rang. It was Katy. I bet by now you can guess why she called. Yep, we forgot John's monitor. Back to get it and the deer meat Katy was giving us.

So...even though "Leavin' It All Behind" is a state-of-mind, it would kind of fit with this weekend. hahaha

It was a perfect weekend to be at the lake. Rodney came by Friday afternoon and fixed whatever was wrong with the boat. We got up early Saturday and headed up. Ron and Cindy were at their place, so we headed over there and hung out. The four of us went out on the boat for a bit, then we ran back by our place to pick up the bratwurst we were going to grill for supper and took it back over to Ron and Cindy's. We had the brats for appetizers, and then we had steak, potatoes, beans, and salad for dinner. Yum! The food was delicious, and the company was fun.

We got up yesterday to another beautiful day. I headed down to the swim pier to get some "real" sun. John came down about 11, and we went out on the boat for a couple of hours. When we got back, we cleaned up, loaded up, and headed home. That was the depressing part. :(

BUT I will be beach bound in just a couple of days. WOO HOO!! I checked the weather yesterday, and it looks like every day, except Thursday, will be perfect. I can't wait to dig my toes in the sand.

For now, though, I need to get started on cleaning house. Fortunately, it isn't a huge mess, so it shouldn't take too long. I just hate doing it. Yuck!

Have a GREAT day!


1 comment:

Tracy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend .........
and sometimes we just have to leave it all behind, we do that alot around here, haha! I always say it'll be waiting on me when I get back home.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm some Jim and Nick's BBQ would be so good! We usually have it at least once during Molly's hospital stays.
Hope you have a blast at the beach, we are going in a couple of weeks, I can hardly wait to dig my toes in the sand myself. We haven't been since 2006 so we're really ready!
Have a great Monday.

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