21 June 2009

Recap of the weekend

Susan and I met at Santa Fe Day Spa Thursday for our pedicures, and it was heavenly! Not only was this one of the best pedicures I've ever had, but they also offered complimentary mimosas. So refreshing! After that we had lunch at PF Chang's. She and I love Chang's, but Tim and John...not so much. Because they don't, we usually do lunch there. We each order an entree, but then we share. Our typical order is lettuce wraps for an appetizer, and Mongolian beef and Chang's Spicy Chicken for the entrees, but this time, I ordered the sesame chicken. It was good, but I think I prefer the spicy chicken. Following lunch, we just did some browsing at The Summit. We were just about to go to Starbuck's for our coffee when Alison sent Susan a text. Her husband Oliver teaches with Susan, and they had some "gossip" and wanted to meet at Superior Grill. So we met them and their gorgeous daughter Maggie. {I seem to know more gossip/news about SPHS than I do BRHS. LOL} I dropped Susan off at her house about 6:30 and headed to the lake.

I got to the lake about 8:45. It was later than I'd planned, but I was interested in what Oliver and Alison had to say. :) There was NO ONE else in the "subdivision." (One of the older ladies calls our little community a subdivision. It tickles me.) I thought I might be scared since I didn't have Ali and Bama with me, but I was too tired to even think about it. After unloading the car, I sat down to watch TV for a bit, but I don't think I watched much before I fell asleep.

I got up about 7 Friday. My favorite time of day at the lake is early in the morning. Everything is so quiet and still. The water looks like a mirror with the reflection of the trees. It is a perfect time to sit on the porch with a hot cup of coffee, reflect on life, and talk to God. That's what I miss the most when I'm not there.

About 9 I headed out to the dock to begin baking. And it was HOT! Around 11:30, I saw these guys:

It was a pair of geese and their four little goslings. Since I was on the dock, I didn't have my camera with me, but about 11:00 on Saturday, they cruised by again. I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and got a quick shot. They were a little far off, so I wasn't sure how well the picture would turn out. I had to crop it to get it big enough so that you could see them here. They came by again this morning about 9. I really wasn't expecting them so early since it was a couple of hours later when they came by Friday and Saturday. I hope that when I go back Thursday, they'll still be taking their morning swim. I know it won't be long before the babies are on their own.

Yesterday John and I worked our tails off in the yard. We started about 8, stopped at noon for lunch (and so he could rest!), and then finally finished up about 2. It was a hard day's work, but the result was worth it. Hopefully, the rest of the summer won't require quite as much hard work!

We decided we'd head down to the lake to take a quick swim. The water felt nice, but it would have been nicer had it been just a little cooler. After we finished with our swim/floating, we wiped down the boat. Then it was nap time! Try as I might, though, I could not sleep, so I read. (I'm reading Jodi Picoult's book Change of Heart, but I leave it at the lake so I'll have something next time without having to buy new books every week. I kinda wish I'd brought it home.)

John grilled chicken (YUM!) and then we took a late afternoon ride so I could get some sunset pictures. These are a few of my favorites:

I love the second one because with the vapor trail and the sun, it looks like God has put His exclamation point at the end of the most wonderful day. My true favorite one, though, is the last one. I just love the way it turned out.

I had wanted to get one of Bailey Bridge with the sun setting behind it, but of course, my batteries died just before we got back to the bridge. That just means another late afternoon cruise. :)

We got up this morning and did the house cleaning. Amy, Allen, Will, and Maggie are staying at our place tomorrow night, and I didn't want it to be a mess. :) We headed home about 1 because Jess and Lance and the grandpups were coming by to see John for Father's Day on their way back to Millbrook.

I have another full week this week. Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent in workshops for work, and then Thursday, Ali, Bama, and I are going back to the lake. John will be up Friday. The last two Fridays have been slow, so he's been able to leave work early. I hope that holds true this weekend!

On Saturday, Phillip, Katy, and Sam are coming to the lake. We are SOOOO excited! I told John I want to take Sam to Rock Creek Marina to see the carp. They are HUGE! You can take a baby bottle, fill it with crackers and water, and feed them. Or if you're brave enough, you can feed them by hand. Something about a fish eating from my hand grosses me out, though. :) Sam still a little too young to feed them himself, but I would love for him to see them. We used to take Katy and Jessi before we moved from Jasper.

Well, that's my weekend recap. Hope I didn't bore you too badly! Maybe I'll get one more post in this week--probably Wednesday since I have Bunco Tuesday night. If I don't though, have a GREAT week!




Sounds like you are having an awesome and eventful summer. Where are you doing the workshops? Which ones are you doing? Did you know that our Math Science keys won't get us in the building anymore? Enjoy this weekend...and Frank and I both love PF Changs.


BTW...Mary leaves for Bangor to see her real sis on Tuesday....she will be back on Monday.....I leave Tues. morning for San Diego...be back the following Tues. Sometime in there...I am going to the beach!

Ms. Marty said...

Well, I am back and even though I need to be undoing the mess from being gone for eight days, I am reading blogs. Oh well, it will wait. You have been super busy so far this summer. I love the ski project. It is so great that you and John can see things and then create them.

And, girl, you really should do something with your photographic abilities. Skip gave you that gift, I guess. The sunsets are awesome and the "God Exclamation" is too much for words. I also love how you see Him in your work. Please think about doing a portfolio of your pictures.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Your pictures are gorgeous and what a great weekend it sounds like you had!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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