17 June 2009

Stuff...random stuff

Most of my posts are written for me so that I can go back and remember what we did when. Sometimes there is a point to them, and sometimes, like this one, it is just random "stuff."

So...here is my randomness for today:

Long week but productive -- cleaned house Monday, went to Opelika Tuesday (there by 8:45 and home by 11:00), washed my car today (man, was it HOT out there!!!), PEDICURES and lunch with Susan tomorrow (ahhhhh...I. Can't. Wait.), headed to the lake from Birmingham, laying out Friday and doing ab. so. lute. ly. nothing else, probably help John do some yard work Saturday before baking in the sun, home Sunday in time to see Jess and Lance.

From my dear, dear friend Karen. She gave this to me a few weeks back, but I haven't gotten around to posting it. I love knowing that Karen sees me as a kindred spirit. She has such a wonderful, beautiful spirit. I would love to be like her when I grow up. Thanks, KK! I love you!

Karen also tagged me last week. I am to list six UNIMPORTANT things that make me happy. Like Karen, I've done this before, but it's always fun to list things on a different day. So here are my six:

1. Seeing that gorgeous red cardinal in the tree outside my bathroom window this morning.

2. Having a clean car that is relatively free of dog hair. For the moment.

3. Spending the day with my best girlfriend tomorrow.

4. Seeing Ali curled up asleep in the recliner.

5. Getting kisses from Ali, even if they ARE up the nose.

6. Chocolate truffle brownies.

Now I have to tag six other people. They are, in no particular order:

1. Mom (I know she'll have lots to be happy about when she gets back from her trip.)

2. Mary

3. Dana

4. Debbie

5. Trina

6. Julie

7. Anyone else who wants to play :-)

Let's see...This isn't really a "random" bit of info. When I think "random" I think "not so important" but this is very important. I got an email from my bio-dad. He went to the doctor on the 9th, found out he had colon cancer, had a colon resection, BUT the biopsy showed no other concerns, and he doesn't need any follow treatments. YEA!!! My sister had a colonoscopy, and it was clear. YEA!!! Now, I need to call my doc to find out what he recommends I do. UGH!!! But I'll do it!

One last thing...Mom and the crew are returning from Mexico on Saturday. Please keep them in your thoughts for this trip home.

There isn't anything else to comment on tonight. At least not that I can think of, so I'm gonna call it quits. Have a GREAT day tomorrow. I will think of you as I'm getting my toes pampered and drink my complimentary mimosa. :)



Trina said...

sounds like a good week! TY for the Tag!! Will keep your mom and everyone in my prayers!! How is DH doing on the pump? still loving it?


Sounds like a fun week to me...and I hope you can be just like me when you get to be a big person. LOL! I have missed you my friend but am glad your summer is going so well. You are a kindred spirit and I adore being with you! You start my day off just right! Hope you and Susan have a blast...Mary and I did at the Mane Event. I love that place!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Great times! Thanks for the tag!! I will try to post it soon!! I'm really really bad at remembering these things, though, so please forgive me in advance....

After reading your post, I'm ready to quit work...I've only been at this job a month (almost) and already I need a vacay!!

Debbie said...

Thanks for the tag! How fun. I guess today is the trip home for your family. I am praying for them.

Wolf said...

i've never gotten a pedicure, but i hear they are wonderful. hope yours was great!

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