12 June 2009

Yea for the weekend!

First of all...My mom and 17 others from Jasper and Hunstville are leaving about 7 in the morning for their summer mission trip to Baja Mexico. I have lost count of the number of times that Mom has gone, but there have been only two trips that she has missed in the last 5 or 6 years. The church takes a trip in March and another one in June to the area around San Vicente. Please keep this group in your prayers. Ask for a safe passage there and back, and ask that the work they do while there is immensely successful. You might want to toss in a prayer that Mom doesn't call me and tell me that she has decided to live there. LOL

I finally got my horrid driver's license picture redone, thanks to passing the boater exam and having the V designation put on my license. I absolutely HATED showing my license to anyone because the picture was awful. Not that many driver's license pictures are ever very good, but mine made me look even goofier than normal. The new one is one that I won't mind showing. John had told me that I could just wait until time to renew so that I wouldn't have to pay for a new license. HA! Like that was going to happen! I had considered "losing" my license after I had it renewed just so I could have a different picture.

There is a greenhouse not very far from here that always has gorgeous plants. I've been wanting to get some ferns to take to the lake, so after I did all of my running around this morning, I took the pups and went down there. I got two HUGE ferns, but I'm wondering how we're going to get them in the truck. It wouldn't be a problem if we weren't having to take the chain saw, the leaf blower, and the weed eater. John is pretty good at organizing, so maybe he can make it work.

Since we're taking the chain saw, leaf blower, and weed eater, it obviously isn't going to be an all "fun and games" weekend. A limb from one of the cowcumber trees fell. From what Danny told John last night, it's one of the trees that caught the tree that fell last summer. Hopefully the rest of the yard won't be too bad.

I guess that's it. The pups and I are just sitting here waiting on John to get home. I'm hoping they are slow at the hospital today and that he can slip out early. :)

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend, and THANKS for the prayers for Mom and her traveling buddies.


Ms. Marty said...

Thank you for remember us in our trip. All prayers are gratefully accepted.
Just for the record this is trip #8. I began in the summer of 2004 and except for two trips have gone once or twice each year. I guess my spring trips are off for now. It seems something always came up - good reasons but anyway, that is OK.
Since there are only 18 of us, it should not be so hard in the kitchen. I am eager to see just how much 11 men and 7 women (two of these are teen-agers!!) can get done in six days. What you want to bet we accomplish a lot. Even if only ONE life is impacted toward the Lord and only ONE life is made somewhat more comfortable, it will be well worth it all.
I am so excited. You would think after this long, the newness would be wearing off. No way. If anything it is growing.
Good Lord willing, I will return on Saturday, June 20 and as usual will be glad to be back home.
Yes, it is very tempting to stay, but I know where I truly belong.


I know you are having a great summer. We made it back from Mobile. Loved it...ate at Zeke's...one my favorite places....I tagged you on my blog. :-)

Trina said...

I'll be praying for your mom and everyone going on the trip.

YAY for you getting your liceance redone I HATE doing that lol!

Julie said...

GOod travel prayers for your mom and her friends...

Trina said...

Hey Trina I am needing some help. Can you help me?


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