23 March 2009

Only 9 to go...

The true countdown has begun. There are only nine weeks of school until summer vacation! Yea!!!

Our little piece of Heaven on earth

Speaking of vacations...Our few days at the lake were wonderful! We got up there about 6 Wednesday evening. The weather was perfect all week. The water was at full pool and looked beautiful. The only bad part was having to come home yesterday. I told John that I was going to move up there permanently and that I'd just drive the six hours round trip every day.

John replaced all of the water lines. It wasn't a job he HAD to do, but since he was going to have to make repairs anyway, he decided to just redo the whole thing. The way that the lines had been run (due to repairs over the years, I'm sure) was crazy. At least now if there is a break in a line, it will be MUCH easier to fix. After being a plumber's helper for a couple of days, I'm quite sure I could make repairs if necessary. LOL

The most exciting thing to me is that we now have a 40 gallon water heater dedicated JUST to the bathroom! No more jumping in the shower and praying for enough hot water just to get wet, forget actually trying to take a complete shower with hot water. :) Back before Christmas I posted that we were going to get a water heater as our gift to one another. Sure, it isn't the typical Christmas gift. Heck, it isn't even the typical gift, period. But every time I take a shower at the lake, I'll be forever thankful for John's gift to me. hahaha

We did have a couple of COLD nights and mornings, but by late morning each day, it warmed up really nicely. We were able to keep the doors and windows open during the days so the trailer got a good airing out.

Ali and Bama played outside until they were exhausted, especially Ali. I've often said she is ADHD, but she was 110% engrossed in whatever was in the leaves. She would stay in the same spot looking and pouncing for the longest. By nightfall, they were ready to go night-night. When we got in the truck to come home yesterday, Ali sat up and looked out the windows until we got to the top of the hill. Once we were out of the gate and on the road, she curled up and slept for the majority of the ride home. Bama never does lie down until we get to the interstate. Once we hit the exit ramp, he jumped down into his spot in the floorboard, and that was pretty much it for him. They both got into their spots at home and were down for the count by 7 last night.

We took Saturday to relax. Susan and Tim came out and we grilled steaks. YUM! They were soooo good! Of course, the company was superb, too.

On Sunday, Ron and Cindy rode out for a bit before we headed home. Just before they got there, John and I decided to fish for a bit. He caught two crappie. One was huge! I can't wait until we can get a big bait of fish and have a fish fry.

Now that spring break is over, we don't have any time out of school. The time will fly by, though. There is so much that goes on during this last term. It isn't that I'm wanting to rush life by, but I am ready to head back to the lake and relax.

Have a GREAT day!


Belle's Blog said...

Looks beautiful there! School is passing fast that is for sure!

Ms. Marty said...

I am so glad you all got to spend some time at the lake. I know how much you and John and the "kids" enjoy it. You are so lucky that John can and will do all those repairs. Think of how much you save by having a built-in plumber. How did you elephant's ears do last year? I never thought to ask you. They should really be big this year since they are well established.
Hope the next nine go by real fast for you. Maybe my two boys and I can drive up one day after you get up there. That would be so much fun just to sit and do nothing except look at the beauty of the world around you.
Dad's tests were all NEGATIVE!!!!


Sounds like you had a great vacation. I have a prize for you. I missed you so much this week. Can't wait to see you.

Mocha Dad said...

A lake vacation sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hey, What's up? I'm glad you and John had a good time at the lake, I wish I could have came to visit. I miss you and John so much. I'm looking forward to this summer too! I hope I get to see you more! I love you!

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