12 March 2009

Boredom (sung to the tune of Freedom by George Michael)

***Any idea how long it takes 12 hungry seniors to devour 4 large pizzas? About 30 seconds!***

All we have to do now
Is take these tests and make them go away
All we have to see
Is that they take time from you
And they take time from me
Makes you want to scream
Makes you want to scream

Today's testing was social studies, and I was proctoring with one of the special education teachers. This is one of the sections that can be read orally to students who have an IEP, so at least all of the students basically finished at the same time. We had one guy who went back and checked a few of his answers, but for the most part, all testing materials were turned in at the same time.

For an hour and a half, I walked (and walked and walked and walked) around the room. I think there is now a groove worn in Mary's floor. We still have a minimum of 30 minutes before students who are still testing will be consolidated. Then we'll have advisement and 1st and 2nd blocks.

A few of my 1st block seniors won't be here today or tomorrow. One of the girls is going to Germany with her family. Her step-mom's family lives there, and they are going to visit. I have a couple others who are going on a student trip with one of our history teachers. Their flight is out of Atlanta later today. I have a few others who did their presentations yesterday. They asked what we were doing today, and I said we were finishing up the rest of the presentations. Suddenly, they said they were starting to feel "sick." LOL If I were a senior who had good grades and I wasn't going to miss anything, I wouldn't come in, either. Several of my 2nd block seniors are on DO, so they have to leave to go to work. I know they won't be there today, either.

I am SO ready for tomorrow to get here! I am in such need of my spring break.

Guess I'll go for now. Hope you all have a GREAT day!


Shay said...

I know when I was in high school all we ever dreamed about was Thanksgiving/Christmas Break and especially Spring Break! I hope you have fun with your "down time".

Also I am VERY glad to hear that the staff at Brookwood was so great! I'm glad the twins are doing well also. Shawn should be here any day now!

Leigh of said...

This is test week for my son, a senior too. He loves being able to check/out of school early. It will be no time til he graduates. HArd to beleive.


I loved this blog. I have had this feeling all week. I am sorry you have to do the Biology test tomorrow. I am thinking AP teachers should have been used a little more than they were....and a few others...who did not do tests but once. I will miss you this week...but will come back with lots of pretty pictures(hopefully) for you...barring no rain, hail, sleet, etc.

Julie said...

Getting caught up on blog reading....hello!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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