11 March 2009


Today is the third day of grad exam testing. I'm not having to test today, so I'm sitting in Stark's room with Kristen and Scott. Why am I not in my own room you ask. Well, I've been kicked out. They use the third floor to do as much testing as possible so that everyone is in the same general location. On Monday, I got to stay in my room while I administered the test, but since we can't do anything except listen to the sniffing, sneezing, coughing, and turning pages, it was awful. There were tests I could have been grading and putting in the computer, but nooooo.

I got all of my tests graded yesterday while I hung out in the library with Karen, Don, and Angie, but I didn't get them put in the computer. I don't have planning today, either since we're seeing our 1st and 2nd block classes. They are doing presentations today, so I won't have time to put grades in STI. I don't have access to STI on my laptop, so I'm sitting here talking, wasting time.

Tomorrow I'll be proctoring for special needs students, and on Friday I'll be administering for those same students. One of the IEP accommodations is that everything except the reading portion can be read orally to the students, SO on Friday, I get to READ the BIOLOGY test OUT LOUD. Loads. of. fun. HA

I'm really envious of Karen and Mary. (Karen of Karen's Korner) They are leaving Friday for a trip to Europe. They are going to England, Wales, and Ireland, and they will be in Ireland on St. Paddy's Day!!!!! Another teacher from another school, a couple of students, and the aunt of one of the students are going as well. I would LOVE to go with them. I told John yesterday that I wanted to go next year.

For years, my dream has been to spend an entire summer in England. When I was in the 4th grade, I had a pen pal from England. At first, I was SO disappointed because I had a BOY pen pal. YUCK!!! (LOL) Mom told me that I needed to give it a shot, so I did. Graham and I wrote to one another for several years, then the letters stopped. A short time later I got a letter from his mother. He had decided to live with his bio dad, and he wasn't having much to do with his mom, step-dad, or sister. I've often wondered what happened to him.

Now that I teach British literature, I would really love to spend the summer in the British Isles. To be able to go to Canterbury, Stratford-on-Avon, Westminster Abbey, and every other place I teach about. I'm not giving up hope of doing that. I'm sure that my stinkin' rich uncle that I don't know exists will leave me his fortune and I'll be able to fulfill my dream. hahaha

It's a beautiful day here in Alabama. I hope it is wherever you are. Enjoy it, and have a GREAT day!


Mary Moore said...

That's one of my dreams too!!

Mrs Cooper said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting yesterday.

Sounds like you need that vacation to Ireland really bad.

Tracy said...

I do hope you get to make that trip to England in the near future. My oldest daughter took French in High School and her Junior year she got to go to Paris, as a parent who hasn't been out of the South I am so proud that Tiffany was able to make that trip.
Oh, when that stinkin' rich uncle leaves you all that money hope you'll share with your good ole pal Tracy. LOL!
I hope this week with all the wonderful testing going on passes in a hurry for ya.

Debbie Y. said...

I love the new blog decor, very springy, cutsey, and all that stuff. Makes me want to eat a carrot, wiggle my tail, scratch my ears and go hopping around the yard.

Ms. Marty said...

Do you remember the letter you got from Graham's mum? You were very upset. That was an interesting period for all of us. Usually when they sent you a gift they sent one for Eddy. I, too, wonder what has become of him. I hope he did not get caught up in some kind of radical group.
Hope the testing is over and after spring break things can go back to normal for you and all the other teachers. When are they going to go back to letting you all just teach?

I love my Crimson Tide!

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