27 March 2012


It's been slow going, but progress on the bathroom is being made.  If it hadn't been for 80-year old galvanized pipe, I think we'd have gotten farther along.  We might have even finished already.  Unless something goes wrong when we connect the sink and the toilet, all of the plumbing issues have been solved.

And boy, did we have some issues.  In one day, the lines blew out three times.  The first time, the hot water line blew off where we'd had to cap it earlier.  Once we fixed that and gave the glue time to cure, we turned on the faucet to the tub to help ease the pressure.  No leaks.  Woo hoo!!  For a while anyway.  Then the line from the from the main hot to the sink blew.  We fixed that, waited for the glue to cure, and no leaks.  Whew!!  A couple of hours later, we were in the basement when we heard that familiar pop and then the sound of spraying water coming from upstairs.  I ran up to see what had happened while John ran out to cut off the water.  The new supply line for the toilet blew.  I was ready to scream.  And then John realized he had not gone back and glue the connection after he did the dry fitting. 

About 11:30 that night, we were finally calling it a night.  John had just gotten into bed and I was brushing my teeth.  With hot water.  From the cold tap.  I told him something was wrong, but we'd figure it out the next morning.  About fifteen minutes later, he said he couldn't sleep for trying to figure out what we'd done.  We got up and went down to trace the lines.  The best we could tell (because of duct work) the lines were still right, but we were still puzzled.  I googled the problem and read all about "back flow."  We figured that was what was going on, so the next morning, John drained the tank and let it fill back up, hoping that would solve the problem.  Guess what.  It didn't.  So then we took a marker and really followed the cold line and found that at some point in all of the blow outs and reconnections, we'd crossed the lines.  Easy fix.  Seriously.  It was almost too easy.  That's why I figure something will go wrong with the toilet and/or sink.

Once we got all of that worked out, we were able to begin putting up the bead board and trim.  We pulled up the old flooring last night, and John got the mounting ring for the toilet put in.  I'm playing bunco tonight, so John is taking the night off, too.  The plan for tomorrow afternoon is to put the new flooring down and hopefully get the toilet in place.  Then on Thursday we can get the sink installed and connected. 

We still need to finish the closet.  We decided to Sheetrock and paint inside it, and we're redoing the door for it.  Instead of having a built-in laundry hamper at the bottom and an extremely high linen closet, we're going to put a small cabinet up top for the winter sheets, mattress pad, and blankets, and then we're going to have a regular linen closet. 

I'm getting so excited because what I envisioned is finally beginning to take shape.  When we were fighting with the plumbing, I was getting so discouraged.  I knew we were making progress, but I just wasn't seeing it the way I wanted to see it.  Patience has NEVER been one of my virtues.  LOL

So, here are some pictures of the progress we've made.

The holes for the supply and drain lines fit perfectly!

We have the bead board up.

Trim and medicine cabinet are in place.

The baseboard trim has been painted.

Like I said, my vision is starting to take shape.  Pay attention to the horrible harvest gold flooring because it is no more.  Of course, right now what you'd see is the even more horrible subfloor, but that will be covered soon.

I know we still want to redo our kitchen, but a plumber will be hired to do that job!  Even when we get around to redoing my little half bath, I'm quite certain a plumber will be hired to do that job as well.  :)

Have a GREAT day!

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I am loving it, loving it. It is going to be so pretty when it is completely done.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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