04 March 2012

Paint Party, Part Two!

For the last, oh, five years, we've been saying we wanted...no, needed...to redo our bathroom.  About two years ago, we had Re-Bath come redo our bathtub and surround.  We planned on redoing the rest of the bathroom fairly soon after, but we never got around to it for various reasons.  Well, except for the four shades of paint samples we had on the walls. 

A couple of months ago, we started looking at what we wanted to do.  I looked online at Home Depot and Lowe's for sinks and toilets.  We looked at paint samples.  We compared flooring samples.  I did a board on Pinterest for my ideas.

We had a "date day" yesterday, so while we were out, we went to Home Depot and picked out the vanity and toilet we liked, the flooring we want, and the paint colors.  NOT ONCE DID WE DISAGREE.  hahaha  The only thing was that we had to make sure the vanity we found would work.  See, in our almost-80 year old house, our bathroom is rather small.  No way could Matt Muenster do a Bath Crashers major redo.  (Although I would throw myself at him if I were to see him in the home improvement store.  Don't worry...John knows.  LOL)

As soon as we got home, I grabbed the tape measure and learned that the vanity......won't work.  BOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!  So, I spent most of the evening looking at alternatives.  We originally had talked about a pedestal sink, and I was okay with that, but I preferred a vanity so we'd have some storage underneath.  Because of the orientation of the toilet, we just about have to have a pedestal sink, so that's what we're doing.  The one we realllllyyyyy loved was too wide (again, the orientation of the toilet...and we don't want to do such a major remodel that we have to change plumbing.) 

We made a quick trip to Home Depot in Alex City to get paint so we do that this afternoon.  HA!  John started taking the sink (wall mount) down, and that's when we ran into an issue.  (No project is ever as easy as we think it will be.)  So the painting didn't get done today.  We have eye appointments and dinner with Jess, Lance, and Layton tomorrow, so we won't get to paint tomorrow.  I guess we'll get going Wednesday. 

Here's what we accomplished today:
(I have NO idea why these pictures are sideways.  They weren't that way when I selected them.  I'm too tired to try to figure it out, so you'll just have to look sideways.)  This is a sort of before.  John had already started taking the trim down. You can see the paint samples on the walls.
 The sink is down!  That part was easy.  What wasn't easy comes next.  The lines had no cut-off valves, and in order to do this project, we either have to have cut-off valves, or we have to turn the water off to the entire house.  Since we both have to work and can't just sit around all stinky until we finish, John was going to put on cut-off valves, which we had gotten when we went to Home Depot.
 Lovely, isn't it?  The threads on the hot water pipe were all messed up, so the cut-off valve wouldn't screw on.  (Eighty-year-old house + galvanized water lines = a big old headache!!)  John ended up having to tear into the wall (PLASTER wall) in order to get the piece off that needed replacing.
This is after he realized he had gone through the wall in the front bedroom.  Yeah, he really IS pissed, but Sam wanted a picture from Pop Pop, so he gave me a smile.  A tired, frustrated smile, but a smile nonetheless.

I love our old house, and I love working on projects.  I hope this one turns out the way we want it to.  Check back.  I'll update our progress.

Have a GREAT day tomorrow.  Even though it is Monday.  :)

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Love the new upper paint even though you didn't post it. It is nice having an in where I can see it on your phone. John looks cute in his picture. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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