12 March 2012

973 trips to Home Depot

And I know it won't be the last one.  **sigh**

Since my last post, we have gotten the upper walls painted and replaced the horrid galvanized water lines and drain to the bathroom sink.  The plumbing has definitely been the challenge.  It took us 3 1/2 or 4 hours Friday afternoon/evening to get the sink drain removed.  Seriously.  The old pipe was wedged between the bathroom and front bedroom walls, and it wasn't going anywhere.  John finally took a sledge hammer and began hitting to top of the pipe.  The only thing that did was drive the straight pipe through the elbow.  The bottom of the elbow shattered, so all he had to do then was chisel two tiny sections of the board away to get the top part of the elbow and the straight pipe out.  I think I heard the Hallelujah Chorus when it came loose.

Sam's birthday party was Saturday (SO hard to believe our little guy is 4!!), so we took a break from the bathroom project.  We did go to Home Depot (that was trip #971) after we got back, but we were so tired that we couldn't think and left with the two plugs for the old galvanized lines.

On Sunday, we made trip #972 and got almost everything else we need.  As we were headed to the checkout counter, John realized he had not gotten the wood for the new closet door, but we were tired and hungry, so we decided we'd go back later for it.  After we got home and unloaded everything, I started painting the bead board for the lower walls, and John started with the plumbing.  I got a couple of the sections painted when he needed my services as his plumber's helper.  Once we got all the old undone and were ready to cap off the old lines, he realized the cap he got for one of them was the wrong size.  Soooo...back to Home Depot (trip 973) for the right size.  When I drove up in the driveway, John came out of the house and gave me a little grin.  Then I saw he had blood on his face!!

While I was gone, he had cut off another section of pipe.  It fell and hit him on the head, and then it cut him on his nose.  Of course the water to the house was off at the time so he didn't have a way to clean it up.  Once he did get it cleaned up, I realized how close it came to his eye.  Scary!!!

My goal for today is to finish the bead board and hopefully get all the trim painted.  John hopes to finish up the plumbing.  Maybe this last part won't be as difficult as the rest has been!  If we can get these things done today, maybe we can put the bead board up tomorrow.  I would love to get the flooring down by Wednesday so maybe we could finish everything up by Friday.  We hope to go to the lake Friday, but it may end up being Saturday or Sunday before we can head up.

I know one thing...I will be SO glad to get all this done so I can get my house clean!  Right now, it is a huge mess, and it's making me CRAZY!!

Here are a few pictures.  Keep in mind:  this is still a work in progress!

Have a GREAT day!

The ceiling is done and John is getting started on the walls.
He had to cut in because the Frog Tape wouldn't stick to the concrete/plaster
The first wall is done!

The upper walls are done!  Is the green plaid wallpaper just lovely?
And the holes in the wall really look charming.

John's boo boo.  See how close it came to his eye?  Freaked me out!

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