11 June 2011

Weekend plans

John and I went to the 21st Alexander City Jazz Fest last night.  We went the first three years we lived here, but after that, we stopped.  It was raining, we weren't interested in hearing any of the acts, or we were out of town.  This year, though, Wet Willie was the headliner for the Friday night show, so we decided to go.  When they first started Jazz Fest, it was held downtown on Broad Street.  It was also so crowded!  Quite a few years ago, the city tore down the section of buildings that were on Tallapoosa and Alabama Streets.  One of the buildings was the old Strand Theater.  They took the area that once held buildings and turned it into a nice green space and renamed it Strand Park.  That's were Jazz Fest is held now.  It's only a couple of streets over from the original location, but it is a much, much nicer location!  The crowd can spread out more (but I think that the newer locale simple means more people go now, which is a good thing) and it is grassy, so you can kick you shoes off if you so desire.  A lot of people will take blankets to spread out--not something anyone would've done in the original parking lot location.  :)

We're about to head out to Chuck's Marina for the Lil' Calypso Art Fest in just a few minutes.  This is an event that features local/regional artists showcasing their original works.  Painters, jewelers, pottery, folk art...all the kinds of stuff I LOVE to browse through.  (I think I'll take my purse to this one so I'll have access to the debit card.  LOL)  This is something we've never been to, but I've always wanted to go.  We'd either be out of town or we'd forget about it.  Maybe I'll find something neat to take to the lake.  :)  I told John we could go out and browse then order a pizza for lunch and enjoy some music while we eat.  Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Shannon and Connie are hosting Jessi's baby shower tomorrow, so I'll be heading to Lineville after church.  John gets to sit this one out.  I'm sure he and the pups will nap most of the afternoon.  :)  They're pretty good at that.

We're about to head out for the afternoon, so that's it for now.  Have a GREAT day!

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Sounds like a great weekend. I hope the shower was good and that Jessi got a lot of nice things. Just in from PC and wishing I were already back there. Had a ball. NExt time you are down that way if you have never eaten at Boondocks...you must. It is awesome! Lunch in Auburn sounds like fun.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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