04 June 2011

A precious story

Not long after I went to the beach this morning, I noticed an older man and woman at the edge of the water.  He was holding onto her arm, making sure she didn't fall.  They waded out into the surf with him carefully guiding her the whole time.  Once they got out about waist deep, she was floating on her back, but he was right there making sure the waves didn't wash over her.  When she was ready to come back to shore, he again guided her the whole way until they were close enough to shore that the waves wouldn't knock her down.  He walked up and spread out her towel before walking back to her.  I could tell that she was insistent that she was fine and he could go back out.  He did, and she made her way to the towel. 

A little later, I noticed that they were once again out in the water.  About that time I decided I needed to take a dip to cool off, so I waded out and found myself very near to them.  I overhead her talking to him and heard her call him "son" and when he replied to her, he called her "mother" and then it hit me.  This wasn't some couple; this was a mother and her son.  I turned and really looked at them and realized that yes, he was quite a bit younger than she.

A few minutes later I returned to my chair, but I continued to watch them.  The lump in my throat was huge.  I saw a man in his late 50s or early 60s, I'm sure, taking such wonderful care of his aging mother, and it reminded me of the children's story "Love You Forever."  I can so easily see this man picking up his mother and carrying her to her bed and tucking her in.

I think this memory is my favorite of this beach trip.  I'm glad I was able to witness this moment in the lives of this woman and her son who loves her so much.

Have a wonderful day!


tammy said...

This made me tear up. What a sweet thing you witnessed. Thanks for sharing it.


I loved this story. Thank you so much for sharing it. It really warmed my heart today.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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