05 May 2011

Technology is amazing!

How dependent are you on technology?  For many of us, we embrace technology and are open to expanding our knowledge of it.  For others, technology makes us cringe, and we run from it as much as possible.  No matter what group you fall in, we are all dependent on technology.  I think it really hit home for me last week after the disastrous storms.

Following the disastrous storms of last week, many people were without electricity.  With no electricity, most stores were unable to open, but those that did couldn't do any transactions that weren't cash.  With no electricity, ATMs couldn't dispense cash.  How many of us keep CASH on hand?  I know I sure don't.  If I do, it's usually only a few dollars...certainly not enough to fill my car up with gas.  Oh yeah...no electricity meant gas pumps wouldn't work.  It seemed like every day I was hearing about another problem that those in the storm-stricken areas were facing.

In the medical field, technology has brought about tremendous changes in the care that is provided by doctors and nurses.  Because of technology, John has five small punctures instead of one or more huge incisions.  Dr. Hartzog did think he would have to make a small incision to get to one of the tears, but fortunately he was able to do everything with a scope.  It hasn't been that many years ago that arthroscopic surgery was cutting edge.  Now it is extremely common.

Another way that technology has made improvements by leaps and bounds is sonography.  Jessi and Lance asked me to go today for the 4D ultrasound of Layton.  All I can say is AMAZING!  We were able to see his sweet face with those chubby cheeks that I cannot wait to kiss.  We could count his fingers and toes.  We saw him purse his lips and pucker up.  We laughed and ohhhhed and ahhhhhed and decided that Lance cannot ever deny this child.  :)  I wish John could have gone, but he just felt like he couldn't handle another trip to Montgomery and back, so Jess sent him some pictures.  :)  Take a look at this cutie.  He'll be here in about 10 weeks!  We can't wait!

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I love 4D. It is amazing how far they have dome from the old black and whites. I am so glad you shared this with me on Friday.

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