01 May 2011

Quick trip to the lake

We got up yesterday to make a quick trip to the lake to check on things there.  We knew power had been out since sometime Wednesday and had no idea how long it might be before power was restored.  The problem wasn't so much the power lines from Cullman Electric Cooperative.  The problem was that Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant was down and until they got everything operational, the CEC couldn't do much to restore power. 

We had left some meat in the freezer, so we knew we had to get it cleaned out.  We really expected that we'd have to throw everything away, but luckily, the freezer had stayed cold.  Everything was almost completely thawed, but it was still cold.  John decided to fire up the grill and go ahead and grill it all.  While he was doing that, I dozed in the hammock.  I know...lazy!!

Since we have a generator there, we decided to go ahead and stay the night.  The temps were cool enough that we weren't miserable without the AC.  John opened the bedroom window before we went to bed, and it made me think of the many nights I spent at summer camp...the smells, the sounds...I love it.  We got up this morning, and since we still didn't have power, we headed on home fairly early.

I "liked" the CEC page on Facebook so I could keep up the progress.  I know that many people have many reasons for wondering when their power was going to be back, but I was really frustrated by the people who made comments like "When will [insert community here] get power.  I want to take a hot shower."  I didn't comment, but I wanted to.  I wanted to tell them they needed to be happy they even HAD a shower to stand in!  Enjoy the fact that you CAN take a shower, cold or hot, in your own home.  I'm sure that the people in Tuscaloosa, Hackleburg, Cordova, Argo, Pleasant Grove, Cullman, and any other place I may have left out would LOVE to be able to take a cold shower in their homes instead of wondering when and where they would eventually find a place to call home once again. 

I understand how it is to be without power for an extended time.  When Hurricane Opal came through, we were without power for almost a week.  Taking cold showers wasn't fun.  Eating peanut butter sandwiches got old.  Having no TV or lights to read by made for some boredom.  I'm sure I complained, but I hope that if I am ever in that situation again, I will stop and say a prayer of thanks for the blessings I have.

As the days have passed since the storms, I have realized how dependent on life's conveniences I am.  Without power outages, stores have had to close.  Gas can't be pumped.  For stores that have been able to open, they have been able to accept cash only.  Because of power outages, ATMs can't operate.  Cash only...no ATM access...Trina would be SOL.  I rarely ever have cash.  Lesson:  always keep some cash hidden for emergencies.  (Note to self--go by the bank tomorrow!!!)

Slowly, power to the North Alabama areas has been restored.  I called the trailer because I knew if the answering machine picked up, we'd have power.  It did. 

I just wish that those who have faced horrible tragedies would be able to be "normal" with the flip of a switch.

Please PRAY for ALABAMA!

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Glad you had a productive time at the lake. I am so ready for summer...so ready. I need a break....BAD!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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