08 May 2011

Hope your Mother's Day has been wonderful!

I usually post something about my mom much earlier than 8:30 on Mother's Day, but I just never got to it before now.  The last few days here in the Vest household have been tough, and today has been especially so!  More about that in a minute.

As I've said before, I am so fortunate to have the mom I do!  She has taught me so much about compassion, forgiveness, and serving others.  I often shake my head and wonder how she finds time to do all that she does, but I've very happy that she is as active and busy as she is.  I hope, though, that she will slow down a little this summer so we can spend some good QT together!  (hint hint!!)  I feel like a really bad daughter because I haven't gotten her Mother's Day present to her yet, but I know that when I do, she will LOVE it. Or at least I hope so!

I'm also very blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law.  I wish that we could have gone to visit with her sometime this weekend because I fear that next year, she won't know who we are.  The last time we saw her, she would say something about Johnny and Trina when she was actually talking about Tim and Tisha.  She asked us if Jessi was Tim's child.  Of course, she probably never even realized that today was Mother's Day.  And even if she did, she probably didn't remember it for long.  (I haven't said it lately, but I HATE Alzheimer's!!)

So, life at the Vest house...We are now four days post surgery, and John is miserable!  He is so tired of being "stuck" in the recliner, but he can't sit anywhere else and be comfortable.  And forget trying to lie down.  His sling irritates the back of his neck.  His medicine has made him feel icky, and he said today that the Toradol makes him have crazy dreams.  Or at least he thinks it's the Toradol.  It may be the Percoset.  Either way, he's having crazy dreams.  When he's awake, I can tell he feels horrible, and he isn't himself.  I'm not used to him not being goofy, so I'm starting to feel on edge, and that makes me feel guilty because I know he wants to feel better!  He has slept more in the last four days than he has slept since he was an infant.  hahaha  Because of the weird dreams, I don't know if that's a good thing or not.  :-/

He is planning on going to work tomorrow long enough to do payroll.  I'm not very happy about that, but he says no one else can do it.  What would they do if one of the department heads was SERIOUSLY sick on the day payroll was due?  Surely somebody else can do it! 

I guess that's about it for now.  I'm going to call it a night and head to bed.  I have AM bus duty in the morning, so I HAVE to get up early.  Oh joy...

Have a GREAT day!


Ms. Marty said...

Thank you for the kind words. You really do know how to make an old mom feel good. And as far as the gift is concerned, I will love it because you picked it out.

I do hope John gets to feeling better. I can not imagine him not being just a little "goofy." I have never seen him like that.

Hope bus duty isn't too bad. At least this will be the last for this year.

Love you.


I loved reading your post this morning. I know your mom will love it because it will be from you...and your heart. I am with you on the Altzheimer issue. It is so sad to see someones mind be robbed from them....and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. I am sorry to hear about John. For an active person surgery on the arm has to be touch. I hope he crosses the feeling better mark soon. See you shortly. Afer today there will only be 2 more Monday's. Whooo hoooo.....I am making my potato salad. :-)

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