22 May 2011

Can I slam on my brakes?

Tomorrow will start the last week of this school year, and as much as I'm ready for summer vacation, I am so not ready for exams.  I normally give a mid-semester exam and an end-of-semester exam, but I just didn't get the mid-term exam in.  That means the exam will cover everything we've studied this semester.  Yikes!  That also means I have to write new exams for my 11th and my 12th grade classes.  Double yikes!  Oh, and I have to have them done by Wednesday.  Triple yikes!

Of my 52 seniors, two will definitely fail, and another 16 are in danger.  Of those 16, my best guess is that 3 or 4 of them won't make it.  Only 4 more grades will go in before they take their exams on Wednesday, and those grades are small...two 10-point quizzes and two 15-point quizzes.  Some of them are taking the 3rd term over in what is called Credit Recovery.  If they successfully complete that program, the 3rd term grade will be changed to a 70, so that will help most of them.  However, I don't know how many of them are actually taking CR or if they are completing the coursework successfully.  I'll send out an email to the senior counselor and Mr. Reyes tomorrow.

In other news, we went to a couples' shower for Jess and Lance last night.  Layton racked up!  Jess had a shower at work on Friday (I couldn't go...BOO!) and she said he got tons there, too.  I think there will be one more shower.  This kid is going to have so much stuff.  :) They may have to rent a PODS unit to keep all his stuff in.  hahahaha

We won't head to the lake this weekend until Saturday because of graduation Friday night.  I told John that he and the pups could go up Friday if they wanted to, but after telling him that, I realized it probably wouldn't be good for him to drive that far with the dogs and only one good arm.  He's doing super well, but he still has some difficulty with certain things.  And I could just see Ali or Bama jumping at something and causing him to move his arm in a way he doesn't need to just yet.  He will be off Monday, so we'll still have a good weekend.

Next Tuesday is our make-up professional development day, but I think I'll be taking a sick day.  I have almost twice the required number of PD hours, and I'll have all my grades in.  Next Wednesday Connie, Linda, Amy, and I will be heading to the beach for the 3rd Annual Vest Girls' Beach Trip.  I.  CANNOT.  WAIT!!!!  Then the next week, Mom and I have reservations at Ross Bridge.  We're gonna enjoy some one-on-one time and some pampering.  I.  CANNOT. WAIT!!!!!  So, the first part of June is shaping up to be quite busy, but that's okay.  I still see plenty of free days on my calendar for lake days.  :)

I guess that's about it for now.  The washer just went off, so I need to go toss that load in the dryer. 

Have a GREAT day!

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