06 March 2011

Valentine's date

No, I haven't lost track of time.  It's just that the John Prine/Emmylou Harris concert was Friday night.  John got tickets for us as our Valentine's gift, so we didn't have our date until Friday.  :)

We met at the hospital parking lot in Alex City so we could get a jump on traffic, and it's probably a good thing.  We beat the majority of the Friday rush hour traffic, so we had time for a nice dinner and didn't have to rush to make it to the BJCC Concert Hall.

As we passed The Fish Market on 280, I suggested that we go to the one downtown for dinner since it is close to the BJCC and it would put us through the traffic.  I had the grilled tuna with Greek seasonings, a Greek salad, and a glass of Riesling.  John had the West Indies Salad and tea.  Oh my!  The Fish Market is one of my favorite places to eat, but we don't go that often.  This was the first time I've been to the downtown location since they moved from the original building.  They moved into an old storage warehouse behind the original location.  It is neat because they left the concrete floors and the exposed brick.  I love it when business revitalize an old buidling. 

We got to the Concert Hall about an hour before the show, so we had time to sit and people watch.  Most of the people we saw early on were of the older generation...lots of gray hair and bald heads.  LOL  After the concert was over, we did see quite a few youngsters, but they were still outnumbered. 

This was the first time we'd ever seen Emmylou.  We had tickets years ago, but they had to cancel the show, so we were excited about this opportunity.  She has such a beautiful voice, and she put on a wonderful performance.  I would definitely spend the money to see her again. 

John Prine, as always, was entertaining.  He is a storyteller-songwriter.  Most of his songs tell some type of story...some are funny, some are serious, some are a combination.  One of my favorites of his, though, is "Angel from Montgomery."  I was so hoping to hear that one, and he didn't disappoint.  Actually, he and Emmylou did it as a duet, so that made it even better.

After having bus duty all week and suffering through the graduation exam, I was dead tired, so even though I tried so very hard to stay awake on the way home, I just couldn't.  I dreaded having to get out at the hospital to get my car, but I didn't think John would agree to leaving it over night and going back yesterday to get it.  Once we got home, I did all of my nighttime rituals and crawled in bed. My head had barely hit the pillow before I was sound asleep, and I didn't wake up until almost 10 yesterday morning.  Ahhhh...

I'm going to leave you with a couple of videos.  The first is one of Emmylou's song "Big Black Dog" which will be on her new CD coming out in April.  The next one is John Prine's "Hello In There" which serves as a reminder that we should all take time out of our busy lives to stop and say hello to those older people who have often been forgotten.  Both are kind of long, but I think you'll enjoy them.  I hope so anyway!

As always, have a GREAT day!

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I am so jealous that you got to see Emmylou in concert. I love her. I always wanted to sing just like her. WE, Still Magnolias, do a lot of trio covers....Emmy, Dolly and Linda Ronstadt. I am glad you enjoyed it. I know the Fish Market was wonderful...it always is.

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