27 March 2011

Two weeks and counting

We still have two weeks until our spring break, and it seems like forever.  I know they will go by more quickly than I think they will.  Or at least I hope they will. 

John is taking that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off, and we'll go to the lake.  Well, I'll stay the entire week.  We've got a few things to do, so I hope I can get spend some time relaxing in the sun on Monday and Tuesday.  :)

The next two weeks will be spent doing research.  Oh joy.  The GREAT thing is that with Ashley being there, it will be a lot easier to answer the eleventy-billion questions.  And on the days when we're in the library, Lisa and Anne will be available too.

I'm exhausted, so I'm heading to bed.  Have a GREAT week!

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