07 March 2011

Isn't it spring break yet?

The answer is a big, resounding NO.
And I'm exhausted.

Last year, the school board approved the school calendar with spring break falling next week.  Just like it always was.  Buuuuttttt.....then we got a revised calendar with spring break falling the week of April 11.  Wha?????  The state testing dates for the ARMT and the SAT begin March 21 and last until April 8, and the elementary teachers didn't want to return from break and begin testing the same week.  Granted, that would be difficult, but couldn't we have done something a little different?  We had the AHSGE last week, so why not just cut this term short by one week and have spring break this week?  True, the weather will be much nicer (hopefully) in April, but dang it, I.  AM.  TIRED.  My co-workers are tired, and my students are tired!  We have had TWO, count 'em TWO, days off since we returned from Christmas on January 3, and one of them wasn't even a planned day.  It was an inclement weather day that will have to be made up.  And we won't have spring break for 24 more days. 

I will be off on Wednesday, but I'll still have to get up about 6:30 because I have a doctor's appointment.  So not really a day off.  Next week on Friday, I'm taking off, and Susan, Tim, John, and I are going to Macon, GA, for the Cherry Blossom Festival and to go to the Allman Brothers Museum.  Do I feel guilty about taking off?  Nope.  Not one tiny bit.  Why?  Because I am tired

OK...yes, I know that those of you who have careers in areas outside of education get only two weeks of vacation a year, but let me ask you this:  When you go home from work, do you leave your work at work?  How many nights and weekends do you spend doing work-related tasks outside of your 40-hour week?  Guess how I will spend EVERY WEEKEND for four entire weeks once research starts.  I will sit at the table from the time I get up grading.  About every two hours I'll take a break for about 15 minutes until I finish.  All day Saturday and all day Sunday.  And then I'll have the actual papers to grade while I'm still carrying on everything else that I have to do.

I know it sounds like I am complaining about my job.  I love my job.  I really do, but I am wiped out.  The sure fire way to know that I am is that my left eye begins to twitch, and it doesn't stop until I get rested..  It's been twitching for about three weeks now.  It's time for a break.

On a happy note, we just e-filed our taxes, and we're getting a nice refund.  New tires for John's truck, and a beach trip for me with the Vest girls!  Woo Hoo!!!!!

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Amen sister Trina. Preach on. I am so ready for a break...and is it 24 days? Yuck! I don't know if I will make it. Of course I need to get busy and get my tax stuff to the accountant....but she knows I always show up late. :-)

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