26 September 2010

Too close for comfort

Whew!  The Tide scared me last night.  I always had faith that we would win, but dang...I do not like it when we have to mount a comeback. 

We went over to watch the game at Danny and Linda's.  (The game was still in the first quarter when Billie started asking how much longer it would be before the game was over and we could go home.  LOL  Made for a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG afternoon.)  The last time we watched at game at their house was the Auburn game last year.  After the game was over, I told Linda that we might have to change our venue or just stop watching them together if every game was going to be a comeback game.  hahahaha

Ryan Mallett and Arkansas are the real deal.  They will continue to do well in the conference.  Some "experts" have picked them to win the West, and that is still certainly a possibility.  (Although I truly hope to be back in the ATL with the TIDE and Susan and Tim!)  The Hogs will give other teams in the conference fits.

My guys didn't do so well in the first half, but they did what they had to do in the second half to win.  The duo of Mark and Trent showed out.  I love watching them bulldoze their ways through the defensive lines. 

We're going to stop by Phillip and Katy's so John can see if he can fix Sam's ceiling fan.  Katy's had strep again, but if she feels like it, I'm going to get her to run to Ulta with me.  I have GOT to have make up.  I was scraping the bottom to get enough to wear yesterday. 

I've got to go shower, so that's it for today.  Have a GREAT week!

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It was a nail biter for real. I am sorry you had such a stressful weekend. I feel your pain for sure. Glad John could fix the fan....loved that story this morning.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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