26 May 2010

What a week!

Talk about a crazy week. I got up Monday expecting a really great last week of the school year. All was going really well until I got to work. Karen was in my room for coffee. I had just opened my email when she said, "That was so bad about Mr. Davidson's daughter" (or something very similar to that.) I had just opened the email with the news that Mr. Davidson, his wife, and their two sons had lost their daughter and sister in a car wreck on Sunday. That was enough to put a huge damper on my mood. I did not know Whitney, but that doesn't matter. I did know Mr. Davidson and their older son, Jacob. I had met his wife Suzette and had seen their younger son, Luke, hanging out in his dad's office after school. Whitney was a 24 year old woman who was just getting her life started. She had taught for a year. (I think she was working with Teach for America.)

Later in the day, we got an email about the band director at the middle school. She had been in a car wreck, too, and was air lifted to Columbus, GA. The latest news we had from her sounded positive, but we didn't get an update today. I'm going to hope that no news is good news. I'm sure that if she weren't doing about the same or better we would have gotten some news.

Monday was also the day that pink slips went out. We lost three certified personnel. One of them was Melissa, the choir teacher/director. Her program is being cut out completely due to proration. The students were very upset and were passing around petitions. Some of our students live for choir, and now, they don't have that. Sure, there can be a "glee club" as an extracurricular activity, but it isn't as easy as it seems to get a club started. First of all, there has to be a certified faculty member (preferably one with a musical background) who is willing to give up his or her time after school on a regular basis for practices. No big deal, you say. Coaches do it all the time. Yeah, well, coaches get a supplement. Club sponsors don't. I hope, for the kids, that a club can be a reality.

We are also losing several non-certified positions. Two para-pros are gone, and the current library aide will be the only para-pro. The lady who supervised In School Suspension was let go and a certified person will be in that position (or so I understand.) The person who over the ACCESS is gone. The certified teacher who was in the Success Center (remediation for those students who have not passed the Alabama High School Graduation Exam) will be in the ACCESS lab. And then Monday afternoon, Debbie, our secretary, found out she was being transferred to one of the elementary schools. And her position isn't being replaced. We've had two secretaries in the main office, but Debbie did the front office "stuff" and Janice has done the guidance office "stuff." From what I gather, Janice will be doing the front office stuff again. (She did it years ago.) I'm not sure if she will continue to do the guidance office stuff, too. If so, she is going to be one extremely busy woman.

Then, yesterday I heard that a student from a neighboring school was killed in a car wreck. Susan, my best friend, told me she had just found out that the head of the German department at Alabama had been killed in a car wreck, too. Can it get any worse?

We gave exams to our first and second block classes today. Those were my seniors. One of my guys has yet to turn in a research paper. Papers were due April 30th. Without a paper, he will fail. Even though I shouldn't have, I told him that IF he would bring me a paper by 3:00 this afternoon, I would grade it. He SAID it was at home on his computer. He got out of school at 11:02. I left about 11:30 to run grab a bite to eat. I got it to go, so I was back to the school before noon. I didn't leave until 3:10. Did I have a paper from him? Nope. He will fail with a 57.8. And it's a shame because he is MORE than capable. It just makes me want to throttle him. I had several other students who BUST THEIR BUTTS for every single point they earn. They were standing over me, holding their breath as I figured their finals grades, praying for at least a 60. Every single one of them earned at least that. The look of relief on their faces was obvious. And this kid doesn't even care. It makes me ANGRY.

Tomorrow I have my juniors. None of them are in danger of failing. (Or at least I don't think they are.)

Guess that's about all of the depressing news I have for now. Oh, I do have FUN news. All of the "kids" will be with us at the lake this weekend. I. CAN'T. WAIT! I love having everybody around. It will be interesting to have six adults and one 2-year-old trying to sleep in a 12 x 48 two bedroom, one bath trailer, though. Pray for us. LOL

I hope you have a GREAT Thursday! (I didn't proofread. Forgive any typos. I'm too tired to re-read this. hahaha)

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IT was a good thing Sam had a birthday today...that and Don's BBQ seems to have been the high points of the week....a little chocolate cake shared among friends...and some delish lunch. It is a good thing that there is SOME family feelings among us still...especially after this week.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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