04 May 2010

I love my job!

And this is why...

After the crummy day I had yesterday, I had these notes left by a couple of girls in my first block class. Now, I know I am not the "BEST English teacher in the whole wide world" or "in the entire world," but I will admit that this was a huge ego boost for me.

Teaching is not an easy career. I remember seeing a coffee cup years ago that said, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." I hated that because it implies that the only people who teach are those who can't do anything else. For my college graduation, the guy I was dating at the time bought me a coffee cup that said, "Those who can't, don't. Those who can, TEACH." I loved it and I used it for years, until a student broke it.

Even though my job...my career...is fulfilling, there is a ton of stress that goes along with it as well. I have students who don't really care one way or the other about an education, and sadly, many of these kids have parents who don't really care either. We are constantly having meetings about this new program or that new state requirement. There is a committee for everything and nothing. And then there is the grading. (Right now, I should be grading the research papers that were turned in Friday.) Some days, I walk out of the building at the end of the day, and I wonder what, if any, impact I made at all.

And then I get notes like the ones above. And I know that I have touched a life.

This wasn't the only ego boost that I got today, either. In my senior English classes, we were finishing up Shakespearean sonnets. Of all that I teach, this is my least favorite unit because it can be so hard to get the students engaged. They think poetry is gross (even though the songs they listen to is poetry. Maybe not good poetry, but poetry nonetheless.) Anyway, we discussed Sonnet 116..."Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments." We discussed how TRUE love isn't going to change because the situation changes and how TRUE love is always going to be like the lighthouse on the shore or the star in the sky in that it never moves. It is always there to guide us. A lot of times when we are doing sonnets, I feel like the Charlie Brown teacher. "Wah wah wah wahwahwah." Imagine my surprise when I saw one of my students had updated her facebook status with a summary of Sonnet 116! I was SO thrilled! Someone had commented on it and said she was going to use it. Lauren then said that it was from Shakespeare and we'd studied it in class today.

So after a totally and completely crummy day yesterday, I've had a really great day today. Let's see what tomorrow holds.

I hope you have a GREAT day!


Coffeypot said...

I believe that '...those who can't teach.' comment is for college professors. GradeHigh teachers are trained well and still believe in the student. College props are ego centered and, when I was working on my MBA, would not have hired any professor I ever had. You be proud of your profession in developing kids minds.


I too hate that quote...with a passion. I also hate it when people say..."Oh, you are just a teacher.." What do they mean just? Amanda, the cousin who makes mega bucks...told me she would never even attempt what I do. I love this job...most days....and when I don't feel that way any longer...I will be gone. I love it when a student or former student gives you that little shot of wonderful....and it makes it all worthwhile. Happy Weds. Trini!

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