14 May 2010

Gonna be a LONG day

1. It's Friday, and I just don't want to be here. We're going to the lake for the weekend, and I would really prefer to be there right now.

2. A lot of the seniors have taken a skip day. Next Friday is the "official" skip day, but they wanted to take off on their last real Friday. I have enough that I could have gone on with Macbeth, but they begged. And I gave in. I don't know who has senioritis more-them or me.

3. The end of the year is just ahead. I don't know what happens to time between the middle of April & the end of May but it slows to a CRAWL. Then between June & July, it goes into warp speed to make up.

Yeah, I've made this post during school-from my phone. I need to wrap up though so I can get ready for my next class.

Have a GREAT day.


Anonymous said...

I've done one post from my phone and that drove me nuts. Yup, school is coming to an end and now I get to figure out what to do to entertain them.


I know what you mean...but the day is over...and we are headed home. Have fun at the lake. Kat is graduating this weekend with her Ed.S....so I will be at AUM being the good mommy.

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