27 May 2010

Another one in the books

Even though the school year for me isn't "officially" over in terms of our contracts, I'm counting this one as done. We have a work day tomorrow, and we've got a make up professional development day Tuesday. I made a request to our superintendent to take off Tuesday, and she approved it. Normally, I wouldn't have made the request, but I feel like I have a really good reason. Wanna hear it? No? Well, too bad 'cause I'm gonna tell ya. (Don't you just love having your own blog so you can do things like that? And if you don't want to read, that's fine with me. How will I ever know anyway?) I'll get to my reason in a bit.

Tomorrow is, like I said, a work day. I got all my grades in and verified today, but I have a TON of stuff to get done in my room. Before we leave, we have to have everything off the floors so that when the custodial staff comes in to do the floors, they don't have to move everything. That serves two purposes: 1) they can get in and out a whole lot faster, and 2) they don't have to worry about breaking/misplacing something of ours. I have a TON of shredding I need to do tomorrow, too. Mr. Reyes said we can leave at 2:00, but I have a feeling I'll be there a little later.

Once I finally do leave, I'll have to come home and get my stuff together to go to the lake AND to the beach, shower (because I will be covered in dust after I finish in my room), and then go to graduation. I volunteered to help in the area where the seniors line up before the ceremony. I like being in that area because I can see and talk to them. Once the ceremony is over, trying to find anyone on the field is next to impossible.

On Saturday, the pups and I will load up and head to the lake. John is going up tomorrow and is taking the boat. Jess and Lance are going up tomorrow night, too. On Saturday, Phillip, Katy, and Sam are coming up. I hope the rain stays away, but it will be fun no matter what. John will have to come home Monday, but I'm going to stay at the lake until Tuesday. And that gets into my reason for requesting off for Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Connie, Tisha, Libby, and I are GOING TO THE BEACH! WOO HOO!!!!!! Last year, Connie, Linda, and I went and had such a great time. We decided to try to make it an annual event for the "Vest Girls." Unless something has changed in the last few days, Linda isn't going this year because Danny hasn't been doing very well. Amy doesn't feel ready to leave Maggie for that long, Katy will be starting her classes at THE University of ALABAMA on June 1 (Roll Tide!), and Jessi wants to save her vacation days for her honeymoon. (I just can't for the life of me figure that one out. I mean...five days in Gulf Shores with the best stepmom ever, the best aunts ever, and the one of best cousins ever or a week in Cancun with her new husband. Geez. It isn't like she's not going to spend the rest of her life with him. hahahaha)

So, since I was already going to be in North Alabama, and since it was going to be out of the way for the Hartselle crew to come to Dadeville to get me, I thought I'd just stay at the lake Monday and go to Connie's sometime Tuesday (depending on the weather). And then we had to make up the professional development day.

I considered getting "sick" but I honestly and truly hate to lie about something like that. I have taken sick days when I haven't been sick, but every teacher I know has to take a "mental health" day occasionally. I've never, ever CALLED in just because I didn't want to go to work. If I've called in, I've been SICK. Like puking sick. And they don't want me there then. When I take my "mental health" days, I plan them around my lesson plans. And I usually end up spending a good portion of the day grading.

Anyway, I digress. I sent Lou Ann an email requesting Tuesday. She said that since I had not taken an personal days this year, I was certainly free to take one for Tuesday. I already have all of the hours I need for this year, too. If I didn't, I'd be there. She also told me to have a good time at the beach. Oh, sure, I told exactly what I just told you. I don't want to lie to the person who is in charge of my job. That's just stoopid. Tenured teachers CAN be let go with proper documentation.

So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I love my job, but it's time for a break. And I'm ready for the lake and the beach.

And I'm ready for bed.

As always, have a GREAT day!

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