13 January 2010

New semester underway

Second semester has gotten off to a pretty good start. It's day three, and so far it's been very smooth. Well, in my part of the building it has been. I can't speak for the South 40. My schedule is much better than it was last semester. I'm still teaching two senior English classes and one junior English class, but senior English is 1st and 2nd block, and then I have planning, and then my junior English is 4th block. Having the break between the two subjects is so nice! Last semester I bounced from senior to junior and back to senior with planning at the end.

The thing I don't like is the class size. Both senior English classes have 31 students. (Can't complain about the junior English because I have only 16 in that class.) I have one ELL and several special needs students. We'll manage, though. We always do. One thing you cannot be in education is inflexible. Well, you can be, but you'll go crazy. In education, programs change about as frequently as people change socks. I've learned to go with the flow. Tell me when, where, and what, and I'll do it.

It's still colder than cold here, but today it warmed up to ALMOST 50. Heat wave! I was able to leave off my big puffy jacket when I left the building this afternoon. It still isn't warm enough for me, though. It won't be until the temps are in the 70s. (When I complain about the 100 degree weather and the 100% humidity this summer, remind me how miserable I've been this winter.)

Got to get busy. Since it's still early in the semester, there isn't much I need to do, but I'd rather get it done and try to get to bed earlier tonight. It's been a long week...

Have a GREAT week!

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