20 January 2010

Delayed start...again

Talk about weird weather. Winters in Alabama aren't usually too unbearably cold, but this year has been the exception. The powers that be in the school system made the decision a couple of weeks ago to start school at 10:00 because of a threat of freezing weather and icy roads. We actually dismissed a couple of hours early on that Thursday and then delayed the start on Friday. Of course, nothing happened, but at least we didn't miss an entire day so we don't have to make any time up. (Yet.)

When Mr. Reyes was making announcements this afternoon, he did the "Students and teachers, stop what you are doing and listen very carefully." Any time he says that, we know something really important is to follow. For some odd reason, when he said that he had just spoken to the central office, my first thought was that someone in the school system had passed away. Fortunately, the announcement had nothing to do with the loss of a life. Instead, he said that due to the threat of bad weather and possible hail, school would not begin until 10 AM tomorrow. This is the second delayed entry since we returned from Christmas break. Just because the weather service has predicted severe weather doesn't always mean it will happen, but when it comes to the lives of our students, I would much rather be safe than sorry. I would also have the decision makers do what they have done instead of completely cancelling school. IF that is something that needs to happen, it can still be done.

I must admit that I am thrilled to be able to sleep a little bit later in the morning, BUT I'm already a tiny bit behind. I do have a review day built in before every test, so I'll be able to get caught up. Eventually. :)

Gotta go for now. Take care, and have a GREAT day!

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