04 October 2009

A really quick trip

Sometimes you wonder why things turn out the way they do. This weekend was a good example. John and I had planned on asking Jessi and Lance if they would keep Ali and Bama for us while we were in Gatlinburg for the weekend. Turns out that Jessi and Lance had planned on asking us the same thing because they were going to the Auburn-Tennessee game in Knoxville. We ended up boarding Ali and Bama at Southern Star (and they loved it!) and Lance's parents took care of Chipper and Pup for them. All of us being in the same general area was a good thing.

John and I left Thursday morning. After we dropped the pups off, we decided to come back home and take the Miata because it was SO gorgeous. We managed to get everything packed into the micro-trunk (I can pack light.) We took the back roads as much as we could, but we did end up taking interstate the last part of the way. We got checked in, rested for a bit, and then headed to Smoky Mountain Brewery for dinner. Not too bad, although I wasn't 100% crazy about the beers we sampled.

We got up Friday and started getting ready. Jess called to wish her daddy a happy birthday before we left for the day. She sounded just fine and she didn't say anything about feeling bad. More on that in a bit. We went to Apple Barn for breakfast. YUMMY! The apple fritters and apple julep were delish, and the fried apples I had for "dessert" were SOOOO good. (I told John that fried apples make me happy. LOL) After breakfast, we looked around at Orvis for a bit, and then we headed to the Bluegreen Resort presentation.

If we were a young couple who had years and years ahead for vacation travel, or if we were a retired couple who planned to do nothing with our retirement years except travel, this would be a really great deal, but we aren't either. We're right in the middle, and as much as some people don't "get" it, we love taking our vacations at our little place on the lake. So, no, we didn't buy in. Of course, the sales rep tried every way possible to convince us that we NEEDED to buy in. haha

After the presentation, we decided to cruise through the Smoky Mountain Arts Community. We were in and out of cell phone reception areas, but once when we were in an area, I got a message to call Jess. I did, and Lance answered her phone. She had gotten sick and was at the emergency room. Of course, our first question was "do we need to head to Knoxville???" Lance assured us that everything was okay for the time being and we made sure he knew that ALL he had to do was call and we'd be there. They did blood work and a stomach x-ray, and all was fine. The doc felt like it was a lower intestinal virus. He gave her some meds and sent her home. I sent Lance a text later to check in, and he said she was sleeping off and on.

Our plans for Saturday were to drive over the mountains and into Cherokee, NC, and then just ease south. We were going to just stop whenever we got tired Saturday evening and then head home today. About 7:45 yesterday morning, I got a text from Lance saying that Jess still wasn't feeling good, and she wanted to ride home with us if we didn't care. We kicked it into high gear and got ready. Of course, we made a goof on the interstate and ended up taking longer than it should have to get to the hotel they were in. I drove Jess's car and she slept most of the way. Once we got home, she did eat some soup and drink some Gatorade, and she managed to keep it down. This morning, she had a biscuit and some more Gatorade, so hopefully, she's on the mend.

I was so glad that we were there and able to bring her home. I know that Lance would have forgotten all about the ballgame and would have either stayed at the hotel with her or would have brought her on home, but with us being there, he was able to go on to the game. I know he worried about her, though. :)

We had a pretty lazy day today. Jess slept until about 10 or so, and then we all napped during the race. (Isn't that what race days are for?) Lance's parents brought him over once he got home so he could get Jessi.

Guess that's about it for now. I've taken Benadryl today, so I'm in that foggy state. I think bedtime will be here fairly early tonight.

Oh yeah...Bama is 5-0 and headed to a big game in Oxford, MS this weekend. :)

Have a GREAT Monday, and


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♥georgie♥ said...

I sure hope Jessi is better now and YOU too!
I can just picture you in the miata with your hair blowin in the wind

Happy belated BDay to John!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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