13 October 2009


Remember way back when to your elementary school best friend. Remember making those promises under the oak tree on the play ground...those promises that you'd be friends forever? Jump ahead just a few years to junior high school. By this time, you'd discovered that boys really WEREN'T so yucky. You and your best friend would sit up half the night giggling and dreaming about your future. Maybe you promised that when you grew up and got married, you would live next to each other and your kids would be best friends. Finally, it was high school. Teachers and parents warned you that the next few years would bring many changes to your life. You would all go different ways and the friendships that you made would fade to the background. You and your best friend laughed and said that they didn't know what they were talking about. After all, you'd made promises years ago that you'd be friends forever, and again, you promised one another that nothing could ever change that.

The summer following graduation was magical. You hung out with your best friend as much as possible, because you knew that once August rolled around, you'd be leaving to go to school and you wouldn't see each other every day. But once again, you promised. You made plans for her to come spend the weekends with you, and every time you were home, you'd be inseparable. For the first couple of months, that's what happened, but then life happened.

You both started dating people and making new friends. Suddenly, you didn't have time. No, you didn't MAKE time. Months went by with just the occasional phone call because you were always busy. Then you realized that you hadn't seen your BFF in several months, so you try to make plans. Nothing works out because when you are free, she isn't and vice versa. But you agree to keep trying.

Now, it has been four or five years, and you've lost touch. You aren't even sure where she is now. When you're home, you ask about her, but that's about all. You think back to everything your teachers and parents told you about losing connections, and you laugh...sadly...because you'd promised it wouldn't happen and now it has.

Fast forward about 20 years. There is the new thing called "facebook" that many of the younger generation is talking about. You learn that it is a social networking site that they use to keep up with friends. A few more years pass, and a co-worker sends you an invitation to join. You decide to check it out, thinking the whole time "I know this isn't for me."

Gradually, your friends list fills. First with co-workers and current friends, but one day you receive a friend request from a high school friend. Feeling a little hesitant, you accept it. I mean, it's been over 20 years. What in the world do we have in common now??? Before long, you have reconnected with several high school friends, and you realize that you have really and truly missed them.

A few months later, some of you decide to meet for lunch. You can't wait, but there is a feeling of nervousness. Just that "what if..." Of course, you have an "out" planned in case everything goes downhill. Fortunately, you don't need the out, and after sitting in the restaurant for several hours, you began to feel that the employees really wish you'd leave. :)

This is my story. This is what happened to me. But that lunch wasn't the end of it.

This past weekend, Anita, Brian, Cindy, Donna, and I met up in Gulf Shores for the a long weekend. Anita, Cindy, Donna, and I had met for lunch in July. We said we were going to do a beach trip this fall, but honestly, I wasn't 100% sure it would happen, but it did, and I am SO glad! The entire weekend was spent laughing, talking, crying...just like we'd never lost touch. It is amazing to me that after so many years we were able to pick up just where we left off. It was such a wonderful time.

Another one of our friends, who was my best friend in school, was Debbie. Everyone asked me about Debbie-where she was, what she was doing-but I had no clue. I did know she was in Florida, but that was all. Over the weekend, I got a facebook friend request from her! It was awesome. I immediately accepted and told her that her ears must have been burning because the others had been asking about her. Maybe on the next trip, she can join us.

Before we left yesterday, we agreed that this will be an annual get-together, and we're planning on having birthday gatherings as well.

This weekend was, without a doubt, one of the best ones I have had in a long time. It was filled with so much happiness. We did all of the "remember when..." but we also filled each other in on the years since high school. We talked about how the people we were then are so far removed from the people we are now. I truly think having those years apart was good because I know that I appreciate the renewed friendships much more than I think I ever did the high school friendships. I don't take them for granted any longer.

So, after you read this, pick up the phone, do a facebook search, jot a quick email to the people you loved in high school but have lost touch with. I promise you won't regret it.

Oh yeah...how 'bout that TIDE?? Cindy and I watched the game while Anita, Brian, and Donna did some shopping. It was really nice that EVERY ONE OF US are HUGE Bama fans, and we really don't care much about the other major college team in the state. LOL


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