16 October 2009

End of fall break...BOO!

So today is the last "official" day of fall break, and I've spent it doing stuff around the house...the never-ending laundry, dishes, vacuuming, capturing a leeeezard under a box.

Yep, a lizard. A live one. IN MY HOUSE! At least it wasn't a mouse. THAT would have REALLY freaked me out, and I probably would have called John to tell him he had to get home SOON. I wasn't so happy to see a lizard...a live one...in my house, but I can live with a live lizard captured under a box (with a fan sitting on top of the box) until my Superman husband gets home. :) He is SO wonderful. But I do wonder how he's gonna get the lizard out from under the box (with the fan sitting on top) without the lizard running off...

The amazing thing is that I didn't step on it. Not five minutes before I found him, I had been hanging clothes in my closet, and he was RIGHT THERE in front of the closet door. I'm not really sure who was scared the most, me or Leon (as I named him.) When I first saw him, neither of us moved, and then Ali came in the bedroom. She saw him and went to sniff. He (or maybe she???) ran. I had no idea where, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do because I sure wasn't going to try to catch him. I mean, his TAIL might have fallen off and I would have had a major case of the heeby jeebies.

I decided the only thing I could do was to keep cleaning house. I got the vacuum out and started in the bedroom. (I really wanted to finish up in there so I didn't have to go back.) I moved the quilt rack, and there was Leon. He fell on the floor, and I made an attempt (after screaming) to suck him up in the vacuum. (How humane is that???) Since he is captured under a box (with a fan sitting on top...), I obviously didn't suck him up with the vacuum cleaner. There was a boot box in the den that I was going to take to the outside garbage, so I got it and managed to get it over Leon (or Leonetta) before he (or she) ran again. Then I decided that there needed to be something on top of the box, just for extra precaution. Hence, the fan. He is still resting (I hope) quietly under the box with the fan on top in my bedroom. I hope he doesn't poop or pee on my floor. I've never had to clean lizard poop or pee. Is it nasty??? Don't answer...all poop and pee is nasty.

OK...so, the end of fall break. With the exception of nasty, rainy weather ALL WEEK LONG, it has been a great break for me. Like I said in my last post, it has really been all about me. I've rested and done the things I wanted to do. I did toss in those things that I needed to do (like the never-ending laundry, dishes, clothes...) But I do feel rested and ready to get the next ten weeks started. (Our next term is actually 10 weeks long because of the days out for Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving.) The next term will be super busy because it's when we do research. This is when I typically get WAY behind on grading. Thankfully, Ashlee is an awesome assistant, and I know I can depend on her to check some things for me.

Tomorrow is HOMECOMING at the Capstone. I really wish we were able to go tonight and stay for the weekend. I love homecoming! There is so much excitement in the air, and tomorrow should be a perfect football day as far as the weather goes. I'm trying to decide what to wear because it's supposed to be quite chilly tomorrow night, and it is a night game.

It's the first nighttime homecoming game in Bama's history. For as long as I can remember, our homecoming game has ALWAYS been at 2:00, BUT we have usually played a lesser school. However, there have been the years of playing Penn State and LSU for homecoming. Even those were 2:00 or 2:30 games. This year, it's the Gamecocks of South Carolina and Steve Spurrier, and ESPN has picked it up. ESPN is the reason for the 6:45 kickoff.

South Carolina has a 5-1 record, and we're at 6-0, so I honestly expect it to be a good game. I just hope that the side of the scoreboard reading ALABAMA has the most points when the clock shows triple zeroes. The stadium should be rocking and LOUD. I hope so anyway.

Guess I need to run. I haven't made my picks for the football contest yet this week, so I need to do that and get them sent to Andy. This has been a HORRIBLE year for me! I usually don't do any worse than about 17-8, but I don't even think I've gotten 17 correct picks once this year. I blame it on the excess rain. LOL

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, and


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Tracy said...

Hey Trina, well pooey, I wish you would have known we were in Birmingham also, would have been great if you could have dropped by to visit us.
We get to go home Sunday, that will be day 13 here for us. We're soooooooo ready to get home.
Take care and try to stay warm, I'm so not ready for all this cooler weather.
Talk to ya later

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