24 October 2009

Time to take on the urnge!

Today is the "third Saturday in October." No, I'm not confused. I know that this is REALLY the fourth Saturday in October, but for years, the Bama-Tennessee game was ALWAYS the third Saturday in October. Anytime anyone would mention "the third Saturday in October" it was understood that he/she was talking about the UA-UT game. Even though it is now on the fourth Saturday more often than not, it is still referred to as the third Saturday quite a bit.

We'll be heading to T-town in just a bit, and I know I'll see more orange (or urnge, as I prefer to pronounce it) than I can stand. Orange never has been one of my favorite colors, and before anyone thinks I'm that way just because of Auburn, let me correct you. Before I ever even realized or cared about football, I've never cared for the color orange. So there! LOL Of course, it doesn't hurt that three of my least favorite teams in all of college football use orange as one of their colors, and in UT's case, it is their primary color.

I'm hoping for a really good game. I want Bama to come out fast and hard and ready to play. I want Tennessee to wonder what in the world has hit them. I don't want a close game. I want a score of 70-0, Crimson over urnge. I don't want to hear Rocky Top being played the first time. (Unfortunately for us, the visiting team's band sits just 3 or 4 sections away from us.) I WANT THE TIDE TO DOMINATE!!!

So, now that you know what I want, I need to go finish up. Have a GREAT football Saturday, and...



I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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