30 September 2009

Vacay for John's b'day

John and I are heading out in the morning for a weekend trip to Gatlinburg. His birthday is Friday, so it will be a nice little trip. I have really huge butterflies, though. You'll probably laugh when I tell you why. It's because we're boarding Ali and Bama, and we have NEVER left them for this long! We're dropping them off in the morning, and I won't be able to pick them up until Monday afternoon. At first I thought we'd be able to pick them up Sunday afternoon, but Ashlee told me that they quit having Sunday pickups because so many people weren't showing up to get their pets. Can you believe that? I'd be there waiting to get my pups. These animals are my babies. They depend on John and me, and they love us. I couldn't just forget them!

We took them to the vet yesterday for their annual checkups. Bama has real fear of the vet's office. I know that he has never been mistreated or intentionally hurt, but he certainly remembers that it is NOT a place he likes. From the minute we walk in until we walk out, he shakes. Because of that, he got his visit over first so John could take him outside. When they went into the exam room and the door was shut, Ali was all ears. She stared at the door with her ears on full alert the whole time. Ali is not a vocal dog, except when she's playing with Bama, but when her big brother was taken into that room, she began to whine. They both did very well with their shots and drops. Bama, my big boy, weighed in at 15.6 lbs, and Ali was 6 lbs....exactly what they were last year.

OK...gotta go load the car. Y'all have a GREAT weekend, and I'll post when we get back.

Oh yeah, we'll be in Tennessee when Auburn is up there playing the Vols. There will be WAY too much urnge.


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