08 April 2009


Yep, it is April 8, 2009, and we have NOT filed our taxes yet. Actually, John is doing them as I type. I bought the Turbo Tax program back in February, but I kept putting it off. Even though we usually get a refund, doing taxes is something I hate!

Last year, John kept saying, "WE need to get those taxes done." Well, WE ended up being ME. This year, I told him I QUIT being our CPA. When we first got married, our taxes were so easy to do. Then he went into sales. The first year I did them myself, but I nearly pulled my hair out. With commission, travel reimbursements, and all, I honestly thought I'd go crazy. We ended up paying out the butt that year. I would almost swear I screwed something up. The next several years we went to a man over in West Point, GA. After he started working in a hospital again, we decided we could do them ourselves. Wait...let me correct that...we decided that I could do them again. So, this year, HE is getting the privilege and honor of doing them.

Tomorrow is my Friday! Yea!!!!!!! Sam, Kris, and I are going to get our toes done. Ahhhh!!! I can't wait.

OK--I'm done blabbing about nothing for tonight. I'm about to brush my teeth and crawl in bed. John will be left figuring all this stuff out himself. Just like I've done for the last several years. I'm SUCH a good wife, aren't I? LOL

Have a GREAT night/Thursday!

Trina (I'm too lazy to add my signature tonight.)


nikkicrumpet said...

My hubby finally got ours done last weekend. I find it much healthier if I go to work far far from our house when he's doing the taxes...and I put the dogs out in the yard so they didn't learn any new cuss words! Have a nice toe day!!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

our taxes have been done since feb...we are not over-achievers lol just cant wait to get some extra cash

Ms. Marty said...

Go to IRS.gov and let them help you. I did ours that way this year and last. I think it cost us 29.00 +/-, but it was so easy and everything was done online. Of course, we had to pay, as usual, but even that was taken care of by giving them a withdrawal date from the bank. Before you spend money on Turbo Tax again check it out. I think I actually used Turbo Tax.
Just think another year until it shows up again.

Frogs in my formula said...

We've been going to a neurotic accountant who gets us generous returns (all legit) so now we go extra early because it almost feels like a trip to the casino. Almost.

Lorri said...

I am like you ..
hate them
It so stresses me out
but they are finally done
and I am happy with the return!!

Debbie Y. said...

I hate doing the taxes. I feel your pain.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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