29 April 2009

Free Fridays??

Friday is the first of the "unofficial" senior skip days. Our seniors have their honor's day on the 15th, and once the program is over, they get to leave for their "official" skip day. Once May rolls around, though, many of them take Fridays off.

I originally had the due date for research papers set for last Friday, but because I took the Friday before Easter off, I shifted the dates. It would have been really nice if I had gotten them last week, but I didn't. No big deal.

Because a LOT of the kids said they wouldn't be at school Friday, I stressed to them that they needed to turn them in tomorrow OR they needed to MAKE SURE they had them to me by the beginning of their class period on Friday. I'm even being super nice and entering the due date into the computer as tomorrow because if any of them have unexcused absences on Friday, I wouldn't be able to enter their grades. And a 0 out of 500 points would KILL many of their averages.

With two senior classes, if most of my students are out for the next two (three counting honor's day) I'll have plenty of time to get papers graded at school. HOPEFULLY I can get my classroom cleaned up, too. It is a HUGE, HORRIBLE MESS, and it's DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!

Bama is needing some Mommy time, so that's it for now. Have a GREAT Thursday!


Belle's Blog said...

I'll bet you are getting excited about the summer ! Have a great Thursday.


I love/hate the end of the year...love cause it is ....just that...the end of the year....hate...because there are more excuses than Heinz has varieties for kids to miss class....but soon and very soon....we will put the 2009 year to rest! Whooo Hooo. Thanks for the comments on my Malcolm story...I knew you would read/hear it as it was intended.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I was trying to encourage my daughter to become a teacher when she grows up, and I kept saying, "Just think! You get the summers off! TWO MONTHS OFF." And then I got depressed because that's not me... :o)

Anyway, must be crazy busy right now for you, but just keep breathing and thinking about lying out in the sun, sipping on a lemonade. And soon you'll be there!

Mariah said...

I love seniors, but at the same time, I am so eager for the summer

John Deere Mom said...

I love the end of the year classroom cleaning. I just wish I had a day or two without the kids in there to do it!

I love my Crimson Tide!

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