10 April 2009

Happy Friday!

I love being off on Friday. It gives me something to look forward to all week long, and then it is so nice to wake up when John does knowing that I can go back to sleep and not have to listen for him to cut off the shower. :)

Sam, Kristen, and I did our Girls' Night last night, and then they came back here to spend the night. Kristen has been through a tough couple of days, and I didn't want her to go back to her apartment and be alone. (Some men--well, people in general--are such CRUEL ASSHOLES that I honestly wonder what their purpose on this earth is. Maybe it is to make us stronger after the pure hell they put us through. This is in NO WAY a reference to John. He isn't perfect, but he sure isn't a cruel asshole.) Since Todd is in New Orleans, Sam came back here too. She was really excited about getting to sleep a little later and not have to make the 45 minute drive from Auburn. :) We got our toes done, had a delicious dinner at an Asian restaurant, and then I did a little shopping.

I got up before Sam and Kris left this morning, but I did go back to bed after they left. (What kind of hostess would I have been if I hadn't wished them a happy Friday and a great day with the kids before I crawled back in bed?? LOL) Since I had to have the pups at the vet's office by 9, I got up about 8:30. They were none too happy about being at the vet. Bama crawled into the back seat of the truck, so I had to pick him up to get him out. I was holding Ali, and she had every one of her front toes dug into my arm. I still have little red spots from her death grip. They are only getting bathed, toenails cut, and a heart worm check, but you'd think I was leaving them to be tortured.

After dropping them off, I made a quick stop at Fred's to get a few house cleaning supplies, went to the tanning bed, and then back home to begin cleaning. Yuck. I had really planned on cleaning one night this week, but it just didn't happen. So, I'm getting it done today. That really isn't the way I wanted to spend my day off, but since I have Monday off, too, it isn't so bad.

I guess I need to get my butt back in gear. I need to finish up and then pack up for the lake. (Yeah, I'm getting Ali and Bama bathed so they can go to the lake and play in the leaves. Makes tons of sense, but they needed a GOOD bath soooooo badly!!!!)

I hope everyone had a GREAT Friday, a FANTASTIC Saturday, and a BEAUTIFUL Easter!



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