02 April 2012

I'm tired of the bathroom...

So I know my friends are tired of it! 

We were so, so very close to being finished yesterday, but the supply lines we bought for the sink were too short.  Of course.  We thought...briefly, very briefly...about going ahead and installing the toilet, but by this time it was almost 7:00, and we were tired, dirty, and hungry.

My job as soon as school is out is to go to Home Depot (again...) to get two new supply lines and a door latch for the linen closet.  (My feelings are really kind of hurt because they don't greet me by name when I walk in.  hahaha)  John has to go to Moore's to get a new window pane and the mirror for the medicine cabinet cut.  Then, we can put in the sink and the toilet!  And we'll keep our fingers crossed that the plumbing will work perfectly.  John will have to put the door on the medicine cabinet, and he needs to move the light over the sink just a tiny bit to the right.

This has definitely been more difficult than we anticipated, but we've been quite fortunate.  Other than John's cut on his nose, we haven't had any major injuries (and I hope I haven't just jinxed ourselves); although, I did think he'd sliced a finger on his jigsaw once.  He ended up with just a blister.  We have had a ton of aches and pains.  Muscles I haven't used in forever were screaming in pain after last Saturday.

I've always heard that divorces aren't uncommon after building a house.  Well, we haven't built a house (and no, Mom, we aren't headed for a divorce  LOL), but I can imagine that doing a remodel could lead to a divorce too.  The stress.  The financial burden.  The lack of down time.  Throughout this entire project, John and I haven't lost our cool with one another the first time.  We've lost our cool with the plumbing or the out-of-square walls or the wrong cut in a piece of lumber.  I guess the fact that John and I are so much alike helps.  He's a DIYer, and I am in no way a "girly-girl" so getting my hands dirty and being covered in sawdust don't bother me.

I've said this several times over the course of the last month, but this time I think I can say it and mean it.  By the time I go to bed tonight, we will have a "new" bathroom.  WOO HOO!!

Oh...I just found this humorous article about building or remodeling.  I wish I'd found it earlier.  :)
Have a GREAT day!

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I know you are tired....remodeling is not fun to me...and worth paying someone else to do it. Your results are wonderful though...you guys have done a fabulous job.

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