20 April 2012

Allergies are killing me!

Seven days. One full week. And they are still going strong. I've fought allergies for what feels like forever. Mom and Eddy are both sufferers too, so it's definitely a family thing. This is one thing I wish we didn't have in common. Unfortunately, I'm one of those year-long sufferers. The last time I was tested (which was many years ago now), something I was allergic was in bloom from February until October. The rest of the year, dust mites, mold, mildew--those things that never go away--get me. In the last week, I've gone through about five boxes of Puffs with lotion. (GOT to have the lotion or my nose would just peel right off my face.) I've taken Zyrtec every morning, and I've taken Benadryl religiously in between. I'm quite certain that wouldn't be recommended, but I have to do something to get some relief. I've even had to gt up in the middle of the night to take some. I love springtime, but this is one spring I'll be glad to see end. Have a GRE--aaahhhchoooo-AT day!

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My heart feels for you. I am sorry you feel so bad. Melinda came by today during 4th to give you a hug for your sweet email.

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