04 April 2012

And we are done!

Well, almost.  But the bathroom is now a functional bathroom again.  The only things left to do are those little things:  put up the towel bar, towel ring, and robe hook; get everything back into the linen closet; find the perfect piece of stained glass to use over the bottom part of the window.

So yeah, I can say we're done. 

The plan for the window was to spray it with the stuff that makes glass look frosted and hang a small stained glass sun catcher over the top part, but when John did the spray yesterday, it didn't look exactly like we hoped, so bless his heart, he had to scrap it all off.  He said he should have sprayed just one to make sure we were going to like it.  You know what they say about hindsight.  I suggested maybe finding a piece of stained glass and hanging it so that it covers the bottom part.  We have two pieces in a window upstairs.  John has been wanting to replace the window for a while anyway, so if one of them will fit, we'll probably use it. 

I told John last night that the bathroom seems bigger.  That's odd because the sink and the toilet are larger than the ones we took out.  I don't know if it is because of the lighter walls with the darker on top or if it's because of we turned the toilet to face a different way.

It felt so strange to go home yesterday and not have to immediately tear into something.  It was a good strange, though.  :)  If and when we ever do another project of this nature (the kitchen or either of the half baths), we'll do them in the summer.  Even though John might still have to work during the day and then come home and work at night, I could at least keep the rest of the house in some kind of order.  I know that if and when we do those rooms, it won't be during 2012.  LOL

Have a GREAT day!

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Love, love, love the bathroom.

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