22 July 2009

So it was just the port

I took the computer in to the Geek Squad today, and the Geek who helped me (and I say that in the kindest of ways...I don't think he ever told me his name) figured out that the problem appears to be with the ethernet port and not some major internal issue. He also told me that they could do one something and it would be $500 OR they could do another something and it would be about $70. Guess which one I chose. I'm also having my security software updated while they're at it.

While I was out and about, I "treated" myself to a pedicure and a manicure. Is it really a treat, though, when it's something you do on a regular basis? LOL I guess I treated myself to a mani because I don't get those regularly. And when I do, I never have them polish my nails because I am SO rough on my hands that within a day or two the polish is all chipped and crappy looking. And I've already had to file one of my nails because I broke it. DOH!

I did a little RT (retail therapy) too. I have got to do something to psych myself up for the new school year (cleaning up my class room sure didn't do it), and what better way to do that than to buy new clothes? :) Of course, buying a couple of basics--black pants, a cardigan--doesn't really count. With the new student dress code, visible tattoos are a no-no. Nothing in the revised faculty dress code mentions tattoos, but as a role model, if my students can't show their tattoos, then neither should I. Soooo...all of my knee-length skirts and dresses that I LOVE to wear...not happening. That's okay though. When I got my tat on my leg, I knew that there was always the possibility that I would have to keep it covered. Luckily, longer-length dresses and skirts are in, so I am just adding a few of them to my wardrobe.

Gotta run. John and I need to haul off the huge limb that fell last week while we were gone. Our poor old oak tree can't have much life left in it. Anytime we have any hard wind, it is going to lose a limb, and that is the tree that was struck by lightning a couple of weeks back.

I'm thinking grilled burgers for dinner. We have some home-grown tomatoes that John got from Aunt Kat yesterday. Won't they be delicious on a grilled burger? Yum!

Have a GREAT one!

Love ya!



I hate I missed the grilled hamburgers. That is probably one of my most favorite meals. Sounds like your day was a productive one. I am glad. I worked back at the school on Weds. I am breaking today and going to have lunch with Kat. I am taking the ancients.
:-(. I guess I should get in another time or two with them before I start back to school.

Anonymous said...

Trina, have you thought about using Derma Blend or ColorTration to cover up your tat? You could just do it when you want to wear shorter dresses.
Google em. :)
Laura G.

Nancy said...

I came here via Alabama Bloggers and noted you live in central Alabama, too! I love your page decor! Have a great weekend ~

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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