09 July 2009

DSL is back!

I finally have my DSL back up and running. WOO HOO!!! But (and there is always a "but") it appears that the lightning not only got the router, but it also got something in the PC tower. (Yeah, we're still using a desk top as our "main" computer.) So, it looks like it's time to take advantage of the Geek Squad. :) I'm not going to bother to take it in until week after next since we'll be leaving tomorrow and will be gone all next week. (***Georgie, I would LOVE for you to come spend time at the lake!***) Fortunately, I can connect the laptop to the ethernet cable and use it. (If I had my way, instead of having the desktop computer repaired, I'd get a laptop that was OURS. This one is property of the Alexander City Board of Education.)

I had wanted to post some of my pictures from last week, but this computer doesn't have my camera software on it, and I really don't want to dig through the desk to find it. (If I get adventurous later today, I might look for the disk. Don't count on it, though, because this desk is one humongous mess, and I desperately need to clean it out before school starts back. For kids, that is one month from tomorrow!!!!!) I'll just put all of the previous ones and the ones I'm sure I'll take next week in one post. I'm actually thinking of starting another blog with just my lake pictures anyway. And then whenever we DO begin to build, I can use that blog as a journal of the process.

Just wanted to make a quick update. I'll be "out of touch" (but not with reality) until the 19th. Everybody take care and have a GREAT weekend/week/weekend. :)




Have fun...and I will be missing you. I love summer - break time....and hate summer - miss everyone!

Tracey-RealEstateGirl said...

just stopping by from the Alabama Bloggers site. So nice to "meet" ya! Hope to check back often!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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