02 October 2011

Fun fall weekend

John and I have had a super busy weekend, but it has been so much fun!  We started out Friday night by going with Katy, Sam, Shelley, and Jason to the Spain Park/Mountain Brook ballgame.  Phillip is in his fourth year there, and we've said every season we were going to go to one of their games.  In the past, we always talked about it, but this year we set a definite weekend.  Sadly, Spain Park lost.  Their offense just couldn't seem to get anything going.  They would have a good play or two, but that would be it for the series and the defense would be back on the field.  I know the defense had to be exhausted.

Sam was a ham (as always  LOL).  Katy had told him we'd get some popcorn at the game.  From the time she said it until we got to the game and got him some, he didn't say much of anything except "popcorn!"  When he did get his box, he ate pretty much the entire thing by himself.  John asked him for a bite, and he moved the box away so John couldn't get any.  LOL  When Sam did finish with it, only a couple of bites were left.  (I think the Vest DNA contains a popcorn-loving gene.)

After we got back to Katy's, we got the pups and headed to the lake.  It was midnight before we got here because we decided to stop in Cullman to get our groceries for yesterday.  We came in, put everything away, made up the bed, and sacked out.

Yesterday, we met Mom and Dad at Oktoberfest in Cullman.  Cullman was settled when five German families moved to the area in 1873. For years German was the primary language of the town.  In 1977, the city held a one-day Oktoberfest to celebrate the centennial of Sacred Heart Church.  Over the years, it has grown to a week-long event.  Because Cullman has been a dry county, this was the only Oktoberfest in the world to not serve beer.  The city of Cullman went wet in the last election, though, so this was to be the first year beer could be bought. 

We did have a German lunch, though--brats, German potato salad, some type of cucumber stuff, and brown bread.  Somehow, Mom, John, and I didn't get sauerkraut, though. Dad must've looked hungrier than we did.  :)

When we left Oktoberfest, we came back to the trailer to get our steaks and the salad makings and headed to Susan and Tim's for an afternoon of football.  The four of us were extremely depressed over the auburn victory.  We just knew South Carolina would win.  Our depression didn't last long, though, because Alabama took care of business with Florida, winning 38-10. This was a game that concerned me.  It was the first SEC road trip challenge, and the Florida nation takes pride in making The Swamp a hostile environment. 

Florida just out to a VERY quick 7-0 lead, and then on our first drive, we were able to put only 3 points on the board.  Then Florida scored again to take a 10-3 lead.  Trent ran for a TD to tie the game.  In the second quarter, Courtney Upshaw intercepted a pass and ran it back 45 yards for a TD.  (I love to see a defensive guy score!!)  AJ then had a 1 yard run for another TD.  The third quarter pretty much stunk for both teams. I don't know if Bama had even one first down in the 3rd quarter.  In the fourth quarter, we scored two more times.  I feel really good about our team after this game.  I know we still have more than half the season to go, and I know that all it takes is one bad play to turn things around, but for now, I'm going to enjoy the success that the Tide is having.

Two more weeks until fall break.  I can't wait!  I am so ready for a week of being lazy.  On that Monday, I am going to go keep Layton.  :)  I may go spend the night--if they don't mind--on Sunday night so I won't have to get up quite so early.  I'm super excited about getting to snuggle him and spoil him all day long. 

That's it for today.  I hope everyone has a GREAT day!


Coffeypot said...

That sounds like a great weekend and the GA Dawgs won so it was.


Sounds like you had a great time. I love brats....and sauerkraut too!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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