26 September 2011


Today was the due date for the second set of note cards and outlines.  Because we've had some crazy, mixed-up days, I had them go ahead and turn in note cards, but I told them that we'd be in the library tomorrow, and they could get help on formatting their outlines.  (FYI:  I despise formatting outlines.  I am sure an easier way exists than the way I do it, but no one has yet to show me in 11 semesters of teaching research.)

I probably should wait about using this cartoon until the final papers are done, but I couldn't find anything that showed somebody poking his/her eyes out.  That's exactly what I want to do right now.  It isn't that their note cards have been that bad.  I just hate grading note cards.  It's a tedious job, and the only satisfaction I get is when I've looked at the last one.

Now, when I read their rough drafts and take points off because they didn't include any parenthetical citations, or when I return their final papers and tell them I will NOT grade them until they have included parenthetical citations AND they will lose 50 points PER DAY until I get the paper back, they will look at me with the most confused looks and swear they have never heard of parenthetical citations and that I should have told them they had to have them.  Never mind that I've mentioned it no less than 25 times in the last three weeks.  THAT will be when I really want to dig my eyeballs out of my head.  With a rusty fork.  Found under a pile of cow poop.  OK, so I'm a tad bit dramatic there, but seriously...if I had $5 for every time I used the words parenthetical citations, I could retire and be filthy rich.

I still have 18 sets of note cards to grade, so I better go.  I was waiting for one of my students to come by for help on her outline.  She came, and it was an easy fix.  She's gone, so now it's back to the grindstone.

Have a GREAT day!!!!

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Look at it this way....you will be done with research before fall break. I am officially done with bus duty for the year! Whoooo hoooo!

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