20 October 2011

Hi! My name is Trina...

...and I used to be a regular blogger, but I've kinda gotten sidetracked.  :)

I've finished 1/4 of the school year (and I'm nine weeks closer to retirement!!)  This week has been our fall break, and I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by!  The only day I've been home all day was Tuesday, and I cleaned house.  Monday, I kept Layton.  We had a great time.  He talked and talked.  (I know ALL of Jess and Lance's secrets.  haha)  The entire day was spent snuggling with him. The ONLY time he wasn't being snuggled was when I had to potty or when I ate my lunch.  Yesterday, I rode down to Auburn.  I had no plans to go anywhere, but I wanted to run to Talbot's.  Imagine my disappointment when I pulled up and discovered that Talbot's was closed.  Shut down. Moved out.  I love Talbot's, but now the closest one is in Birmingham.  Mom and I were going to meet in Birmingham today, but she sent me a text last night to say she was sick--coughing, fever, achy.  She sent another text this morning to tell me that she just couldn't keep our plans.  I hate that we had to cancel, but I hate even more that she's sick.  We've rescheduled our girls' day for Veteran's Day.  I decided to go on so I could go to Talbot's.  I needed some new dress pants.  I've got to run to Alex City tomorrow, but it shouldn't be an all day long trip--bank and lunch with a friend.

The Tide is rolling right along!  We're still undefeated, and all the experts are saying the Nov. 5th game against LSU will be the de facto National Championship game.  We're halfway through the season, so that means six more games, and a LOT can happen in those six games.

I found out last week that I'll be getting another intern next semester.  YEA!!  I have HUGE classes, so it will be nice to have an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands.  Of course, once I turn the class over to her, she'll have to handle them on her own for a portion of the time.

I guess that's about it for now.  I think I'm gonna call it an early night.

Have a GREAT day!



Hi Trina! I was delighted to see a new post on your blog. I have missed you this week. I am not ready to go back...it went entirely to fast. But...this next nine weeks is full of lovely little days off.....:-)

Julie said...

Welcome back! I barely manage to squeeze out a couple blogs a month anymore...sigh. Life just gets in the way!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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