22 April 2011

Rough drafts

I've seen this look quite a bit over the last 4 weeks, and I know I'll see it quite a bit more over the next week.

Senior rough drafts are due today, and the final papers are due next Friday.  I have a handful who haven't had many questions.  You know, the really conscientious students who usually have everything pretty close to perfect anyway, but they just want clarification.  Then, I have a handful of students who have had lots of questions, but they are all good, relevant questions, and they are asking because they truly want to know so they can get things right in their papers.

And then there are the majority of the students.  These are the ones who have done as little as possible and have been content to just squeak by all semester.  I could probably count on one hand the number of questions they have asked (and I'd have fingers left over.)  These students are the ones who make me want to scream!  Most of the time, they are quite capable, but they just do not see the value of an education.  For a few of them, this paper could be the difference in whether they receive their diplomas on May 27.  For a couple, I honestly believe that their mommas may have written their papers.  (Just for the record, if I didn't do what I was expected to do in high school, my parents wouldn't have done it for me.  It would have been a lesson learned!)

Yesterday, I have a few students who were stressing out because they weren't able to access their works cited information because easybib was down.  I told them to keep trying, and IF it didn't go back online so they could get their saved documents, I would make an exception and print THAT for them.  I won't penalize them for something that is beyond their control.  (I refuse to print anything the day the paper--rough or final--is due.  Otherwise, I would spend the entire day printing papers.)  Technology is wonderful, but it can be a pain when it isn't working correcting.

Let's get this day started!  One week down and only FIVE to go!!!

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wooo Hoo...only 5 more weeks to go. I think I can...I think I can. I remember back in the days when I taught research how much I dreaded this time of the year. Your descriptions are spot on. Have a wonderful Friday, Blessed and Happy Easter. Let the countdown continue.

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