21 April 2011

Just call him Dr. Vest

In my other blog, I posted about John's fall at the lake and his injured shoulder.  He wasn't any better by the time we got home, so I reiterated that he better have it scanned on Monday.  About 2:00 Monday, I called him at work to see if he'd found anything out, and of course, he had not even had it scanned.  He did say they were extremely busy and that he didn't have time to get it done, and he promised me he would have it done Tuesday. 

When he got home Tuesday, he said he did get it scanned and that Dr. Turner would read the MRI on Wednesday.  I started once to call him yesterday to see what the verdict was, but I decided I'd wait until I got home.  When he came in, he had a folded up piece of paper in his hands.  He put his keys and wallet on the TV before handing it to me.  I unfolded it and read the radiologist's report.  Naturally, the report used all of the "big" words that I didn't quite understand, but I did understand "full thickness tear of (insert big word here) tendon" and "partial tear and relocation of (insert big words here) tendon."  So yeah, for the second spring in a row, it looks like we'll be scheduling a surgery.  Hopefully, this will only take one day instead of the two days it took for both wrists last year. 

He said that Dr. Turner had called and left a message for Dr. Hartzog (I googled him...Dr. Heartthrob would be more accurate!!!  VERY easy on the eyes!!!!!)  According to Dr.Turner, this guy is "the best." When I googled him, I learned that he graduated from Birmingham-Southern summa cum laude and was first in his class.  His resume looks extremely impressive, so I feel good. 

Maybe John will have an appointment for a consult soon, and then he can get the surgery scheduled fairly quickly.  As Jessi said, he has a baby to hold in about 11 weeks!  She sent him a message and told him not to use this to try to get out of babysitting.  Like that would ever happen.  LOL  Pop Pop loves his boys!!

Guess that's it for now.  Have a GREAT day!

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I hope he feels better soon. I do like the way Dr. Handsome looks though and that would make the whole experience a bit more bearable.

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