07 April 2011

I see it!!! I see the light!!!!

The light at the end of the tunnel just keeps getting brighter and brighter.  This time tomorrow about 70 teachers will be laughing with joy because spring break will have begun. 

My seniors have note cards and outlines due tomorrow.  To quote my friend Misty's son when he was about 6, "What the hell was I thinking?"  (That's a story for another day.)  I should have given them an incentive to turn their cards and outlines in TODAY (like an extra 15 points on top of their overall preliminary research grade.)  Those who turned them in wouldn't have to worry about them tomorrow and just maaayyyybbbeeee would catch spring fever and not feel like coming to school.  LOL

I did have several ask me today what they needed to do if they weren't going to be at school tomorrow.  I told them they could bring their stuff by and drop it off or they could send it by someone, but I had to have it.  About six or so did turn theirs in today because they aren't planning on being at school.

We're heading to the lake Sunday.  The original plan (skip this if I've already blogged about it...) was for us to load everything up in the truck this afternoon, and then John would drive it to work tomorrow.  When he got off, he could just head straight to the lake.  I would come home and get them pups when I got off and then head up.  He was going to come home Sunday, and then go back up Tuesday night.  Monday is payroll, and I don't think his employees (or his wife!) would be very happy if they didn't get paid.  He decided he would go ahead and take the whole week of and just go Sunday morning to do payroll.  At first I was going to go on up tomorrow, but after thinking about it, I decided I'd just wait and go with him Sunday, mainly because it would be more dark than not by the time I got there tomorrow.  It isn't that I would mind going in after dark (I've done it before), I would just rather not.

So, Jessi and I are going to do pedicures on Saturday!  Yea!!!  I need one SO badly, and she said she had told Lance she was sure she did, but she can't see her toes.  LOL  She is really showing!  For her to be just under 27 weeks, she is "huge"...HER word, not mine.  I think she looks beautiful.  After we do pedis, we're gonna do a little shopping.  I need a good vacuum to leave at the lake, and she said she needs some new maternity clothes.  I'm sure we'll do a little eating in there, too.  :)

I guess that's about it for now.  I meant to blog earlier this week, but I haven't even wanted to get the computer out once I've gotten home.  Since we've started research, I've been doing more of the teaching.  Getting back into the swing of teaching hasn't been as hard as I thought, but it has worn me out.  It's hard to believe that in 20 calendar days, Ashley will be gone!  This semester has flown by! 

Have a GREAT day!

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Have a blast...get good and tan....enjoy the pedi and I will see you on the 18th.

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