20 February 2010

What a beautiful day!

Have we finally turned the corner weather-wise? I can't say, but I sure hope so. Yesterday was gorgeous, and today is shaping up to be as well. Oh sure, I know we'll still have a cold snap, and the rain isn't gone forever...after all, this is Alabama. We've had snow accumulation in April. But I truly hope the horrifically cold winter weather is gone until next year. I am so not a cold-weather gal. I love feeling the sunshine on my skin and having my toes freed from shoes.

Speaking of toes...Jessi and I are doing a Girls' Day while John and Lance do some manly stuff around the house. We have a couple of dogwood trees that are more dead than alive, so Lance is coming over to help cut them down. I hate to see them go because dogwoods are probably my favorite tree, and these have always been so pretty, but they are in locations that if they were to fall, they could cause some pretty big headaches. Lance is such a sweetheart for doing this. I know he would probably much rather spend the day with his sweetheart. Jessi is a VERY lucky young lady because he adores her so very much. Of course, he is a VERY lucky young man, too.

Got to go wash up some dishes so I can be finished with housework for the day. Then I'll head to the tanning bed, shower, and get ready to play with one of my favorite people in the world.

Have a GREAT Saturday!

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