19 June 2008

Just "stuff"

Just a few random musings...

Mom and several members from Woodland Trace Church of Christ in Jasper are leaving tomorrow for their mission trip to Mexico. She loves these trips so much, and she always receives so many spiritual blessings from her participation in them. I've lost track of the number of times she's been, but I always fear that one of these days she's going to call to say she isn't coming back home. lol She didn't go on the trip in March because it was during the same time that Sam was due. I think they were scheduled to fly out either the day he was born or the day after. Maybe even the day before. Please keep these wonderful men and women in your thoughts and prayers.

The dining room is painted. Well, we still have to put on a second coat, but with John and me both painting, it will only take about 30 minutes, if even that. I cannot tell you how much better both the living room and dining room look! We aren't going to put the furniture back in the dining room yet. I've got a call in to the guy who will be refinishing the floors so we can schedule that. No sense in moving the furniture back in just to have to move it back out...and then BACK in...in a couple of weeks. We're really excited about getting the floors done. It's something we've talked about for the 14 1/2 years we've lived here. (Yep, only 7 months until the house is paid for!)

Linda was asking last weekend about us doing all this painting and stuff if we're talking about trying to sell in the (near, I hope) future. I'm taking the advice of all the home improvement gurus on DIY and HGTV that for every dollar you put in, you'll get something out. If that's the case, I've added a few hundred to the value of our house. "A few hundred," you say. "Why, that's not even worth it." My opinion is a few hundred is better than nothing. :)

Speaking of Linda...she had Amy's 4D pictures of Sally last weekend. Oh. My. Goodness! She is going to be one more beautiful baby! BTW, Sally is Will's choice for her name. He has the Dick and Jane books, and since Sally is the little sister in them, he thinks his little sister should be named Sally, too. It's kind of grown on all of us. Will was with Amy and Allen when they went to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. He was a little disappointed to find out he wasn't having a sister. He kept asking the tech if she was sure. Finally, he asked, "Are you sure it doesn't have a goober?" (Amy, I hope you don't mind me putting that story on here. If you do, I'll take it off, but it is just too funny!!) Will is our little comedian, but he doesn't say things to BE funny--they just are.

There won't be too much relaxation at the lake this weekend. We still have a long, hard day's work to get the rest of the debris cleaned up. When Katy and Jessi were little, John would pay them to pick up sticks in the yard. They could've made a killing with this clean-up. Heck, they may have been able to retire and live the good life. hahahaha

I'll be in Tuscaloosa next week for the SUPER Teacher Institute. I got the agenda yesterday. Wow. Not much free time at all. The sessions start at 8:30 and last all day and into the night. Every day. Except Friday when we'll finish up about 4. I still feel overwhelmed by it. Others must have felt the same way in the past because in the email, we are told that if we feel overwhelmed, we should talk to the Master Teacher so she can help us. I've always been told that when you are doing something new, it's good to have some feelings of anxiety because then you know that it is something important to you.

I'll leave from Tuscaloosa and head to the lake for our week of vacation. This WILL be a week of vacation, too. To repeat myself from a previous post---anyone who says that weekenders "vacation" at the lake has no clue what he or she is talking about. Last weekend and this weekend are evidence of that! Linda and I were talking last weekend as we hauled limbs about how people who don't have a lake place often think it's like going to the beach. HA!

I guess that's about it. I'm sure some of you reading this have been put to sleep, but that's quite all right, dear. I'm more than happy to assist you with your insomnia. :)

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