11 May 2012

Allergy testing done

I went on Tuesday for my allergy testing, and as I thought, I'll be on shots.  Again. 

The last time I was tested was probably eight or nine years ago, so things are done a little differently now.  Now, before the skin prick testing begins, a sensitivity screen is done to help determine the strength that the skin pricks need be.  A plastic "instrument" is placed into the allergen solution and then placed on the arm.  After twenty minutes, the welts are measured.  During that twenty minutes, you can't scratch.  OH MY GOSH!!  I have discovered how prisoners need to be tortured.  I thought I was going to cry, and that was when I was only about five minutes in.

This was how my arm looked at about five minutes.  I wish I had thought to take a picture at the twenty minute mark.  My arm by that time was soooo red, and some of the welts were quite large.  You can probably tell that the area closest to my wrist was the worst.

After Mickie took the measurements, she wiped off the solution and rubbed my arms down.  Yeah, ARMS.  Fortunately, the other arm only had one half of one set (so four areas). 

Then the testing got started. 

This was about five minutes into the fifteen minute waiting period.  The ones on the top left were the grasses.  They started itching and popping up almost immediately.  Trees got pretty bad, too.  I was showing positive for nine allergens on the first set.  I only had to have one more set on five or six other areas.  Maple was my worst, with pecan and pine coming in right behind it.  Household dust and dust mites were pretty high as well.  I told John that meant he needs to hire somebody to clean my house for me, and I can't do ANY yard work.  He didn't buy it.  Oh well...it nevers hurts to try.

I go back Wednesday to meet with the PA for the results and to get started on my shots.  I can't wait to get the started so some of this crappy allergy stuff under control.  Time to go, so I can get ready to go to the lake and enjoy all of the maple and pine trees we have on our lot.  LOL

Have a GREAT day!


Tracy said...

I have never had allergy test done but have always wanted to.
I tell you during the spring and summer I sneeze my head off, I've been miserable, itchy eyes, throat, inside my ears, I keep saying I wanna stick a coat hanger in my ears cause they just itch so bad.
I know Pine tree bother me, we were totally surrounded by them at our old house. Now at our new house it's pecan trees all around the house, well I can tell days I am outside more, shewwwwwww it's ruff. Night before last everytime I'd go to sleep it'd feel like my throat was closing up.
I hope you get relief, maybe one of these days I'll go get tested and try to get something other than over the counter stuff.

Trina said...

Sounds like you should be tested! I was tested the first time around 1987, and I've been on shots off and on since. I should never let myself get too busy to keep them up because I know I'll just end up going back.

Amy said...

Oh Trina, how awful! I remember going through that testing with Will when he was only 5 years old. They ran out if room on his little arms and had to test on his back as well. It was terrible!!! On the bright side, he had been on shots ever since and rarely has any problems and when he does have an occasional flare up; the medications seem to work much better than they did before the shots. Keep up the shots, they are worth it .

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