05 February 2012

So much for good intentions :)

Yeah, I was going to be MUCH better about blogging...writing AND reading...this year, but obviously, I have fallen WAY short.  The year is still early, though.

John and I went to New Orleans for the National Championship game.  We didn't have tickets, but we had a blast nonetheless!  Our amazingly wonderful friends Susan and Tim ended up with an extra room at the hotel they were staying in, and they offered it to us.  It was great to get to hang out with them.  We ate delicious food -- Central Grocery for muffulettas, Acme Oyster House, Cafe du Monde, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Gumbo Shop -- listened to great music at the piano bar of Pat O's, and of course, watched a terrific game.  :)  John and I went to Poppy's Sports Bar to watch the game, but as soon as it was over, we headed to the team hotel to meet up with Susan and Tim.  Then we headed to Bourbon Street to take in the craziness.  Well, that isn't exactly right because we took Royal St. and then went up one of the side streets.  None of us really wanted to get IN the crowd.  Bourbon St. isn't a favorite hang out for any of us, but you can't take a trip to Nawlins without making at least one trip down it.
Wonderful friends and a wonderful meal
@Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse

My love and me at Pat O'Brien's

Great friends!
@ Pat O's piano bar

Best friends -- showing love for Mark Ingram in
our #28 T-shirts
@ Pat O's piano bar

This semester at school has gotten off to a great start.  I have an intern this semester (YEAH!!), and I was seriously concerned that I would have horrible classes this semester because my last semester classes were SO good.  But I think those concerns were unfounded.  So far they are anyway.  We're only three weeks in, so that can all change.  :)  She is taking over the senior classes tomorrow, and then she'll be doing the junior class on Thursday for her first observation.  She's done a great job of establishing herself in the classroom already.  The kids still usually ask me stuff first, but I have noticed that they are beginning to ask her about stuff if I'm busy with another student.

We've made our first trip to the lake for the year.  We went up last weekend, but we decided not to go this weekend because it was supposed to rain.  It did rain here a little...last night.  That doesn't mean it didn't pour in Winston County, though.  We went yesterday and bought a used stove.  After 4+ years, we've finally tired of cooking everything on a hot plate.  With a real stove, we'll be able to make spaghetti, boil potatoes, or anything else that requires higher temperatures to cook.  I'm sure we'll still use the toaster oven as much as we did before.  And naturally, we'll grill a ton. 

Mom and Dad got a new fridge, so they brought their old one for us to have.  The one we had was OLD and UGLY.  It worked great, but the freezer gasket was shot, and it is seriously such an old fridge that we couldn't find a replacement.  The nice thing about our "new" one is that we'll have an ice dispenser we can use.  Dad said that something is messed up as far as making the ice (the water won't stop running or something like that), but we can buy bags of ice to dump into the bin.

I am very ready for spring and nice, sunny days.  We haven't had winter yet.  The few cold days we have had have been few and far between.  We'll probably have snow the week we're out for spring break.  :-/  John was cleaning up his car this afternoon, and I sat out soaking up the sun.  It felt soooo good!  I love sunshine!!

John's gonna grill steaks (YUM) for dinner, and we decided we want salad, so I need to make a quick run to the store.  Maybe this won't be my last post for over a month.  hahaha  With an intern, I should have time to put my thoughts down.  :)

Have a GREAT day!  And GO PATS!!!!!  (Yeah, it's Super Bowl Sunday.  Can't wait to see the commercials!)


Tracy said...

I am trying to do better blogging myself. I have been so addicted to facebook, BUT blogging and reading other blogs makes me feel more productive, they inspire me.
Been sitting here this evening trying to think of something to blog about, that's the problem I have...coming up with something that someone else would be interested in reading. haha!
Tracy :)


I was so glad to see a new post. I was reading through my list and almost passed yours...when I saw 2 days ago...whooo hoooo...it is a good thing I see you on a regular basis and know what is happening in your life. :-)

I love my Crimson Tide!

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